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The 3th Guangzhou International Tire & wheel Exhibition 2019 Completed

The 3th Guangzhou International Tire & wheel Exhibition 2019

Guangzhou Zhongqi Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Apr 09 - 11, 2019
Pazhou International Sourcing Centre, Guangzhou, China
Contact Person:
86 15918415584
Of global tire output, vehicle tire output is at 97% approximately. At China, car ownership keeps growing and China hence becomes as top nation of tire consumption and the top-1 market of tire growth globally. In 2019, global demand for tire will be at 2.1bn in number, totaled at a sum of RMB 1500bn. China's share in global tire market will be growing. Since after years of development, China's tire technology is sophisticating. With larger production scale, Meridian goes up increasingly. Tire industry is in a status of fast growth. At China, the current car ownership will be above 0.22 bn. According to forecast, car ownership at China by 2020 would be more than 0.25 bn a year. Tire and wheel is an important part of auto market, China has rapid-growing auto industry, and that lays solid industry and market pillar for tire and wheel industry. At China, auto industry and transport by road grows fast, international tire manufacturing industry is going to China and China will be become as the top-1 nation of international market to compete. At China, Guangzhou has the role as reform and open pioneer and the window of foreign trade. Guangzhou is focus of auto market. Guangzhou has the top-1 auto production base and auto industry cluster at China, Depending upon auto industry and the resource available with top-1 market potential globally, this Expo-CTWE 2019- is to start at Guangzhou after development status of tire and wheel industry and the market need at home and abroad, sponsor's delicate design and under support and care of trade association and tiered government organs. With this Expo, the latest tire & wheel products, results and direction of future orientation will be presented, to produce the more chances for global tire-wheel trade, boost China's tire and wheel product to become as part of global purchase framework and to realize collaboration, mutual benefit and win-win result to make progress together.