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The International Picture Frames & Wall Paintings Exhibition Shenzhen 2008

The International Picture Frames & Wall Paintings Exhibition Shenzhen 2008 China

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Organizer: Approved by Guangdong Tourism Association Organizer: Guangdong Tourism Association Guangdong Hotel Industry Association Guangzhou Tongya Exhibition Co., Ltd. Undertaken by Guangzhou Tongya Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Duration: Nov 01 - 03, 2008
Venue: Shenzhen Conference & Exhibition Center
Location: China
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Telephone: 86-20-38691019
Fax: 86-20-38690619
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Industry Focus: Arts & Crafts
Introduction: Background [Unprecedented Great Event] The Beijing Olympic Games is close by and such super international great events as the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and Shanghai World Expo and the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade can be expected almost any day. These great events of world interest will bring a large source of traders to China directly. Meanwhile more and more foreign traders focus on the huge China market with 1.3billion population. Exhibition Coverage Frame Exhibition The arrival of the historical opportunity will further promote the increasing benefits of the hotel industry. The hotel construction will greet the new height while the newly built hotels in Guangdong will enter a blowout period. Thanks to the rapid increase of hotels, the all-round entry of the international hotel management company, the continuously increasing customers' expectation and the division of source of customers, it is self-evident that the competition of Guangdong hotel industry will be fierce in the future. The hotel operators have realized that it is necessary to open the new service environment and mode to suit the customers’ demands. The development informatization is the necessary road to enhance hotel service level and competitiveness. Zone: All kinds of picture frames, woodcarving frames, butterfly frames, studio frames, digital picture frames, glass/plastic frames, etc. Decorative Painting Exhibition Zone: All types of high-grade oil paintings, Chinese paintings, frame-free paintings, watercolor paintings, modern woodcut, calligraphy & brushwork, motion pictures, embroidery pictures, porcelain paintings, physical object paintings, woodcarving paintings, poker work, classic oil paintings, etc Material & Equipment Exhibition Zone: Frame industry and decorative painting related production equipment, nail machines, cutting machines, PS extruders, paperboard machines, picture mounting machines, sanding machines, hardware materials and technique, related equipment and materials, etc. Promotion & Cooperation 1. Mass Media: About 200 professional media will publicize and report the expo and related functions in an all-round way and invite the nationwide press media to promote and report the fair on the spot in an all-round way before the opening of the fair. 2. Professional Media 3. Overseas Promotion: The Fair strengthens the advertising in the foreign media, sends the invitations and promotional materials to the 100,000 overseas purchasers in 213 countries and regions as well as encourages the purchasers to apply for booking visit and purchase on line via electronic business platform. The organizing committee provides the matching services for the suppliers and purchasers. 4. Regularly hold the press release and create the industrial opinion to attract more professional buyers. 5. We set up the Domestic Business Invitation Department and Foreign Business Invitation Department and invite the professional buyers from the participating enterprises. At least 300,000 tickets are sent out. 6. To invite the designated customers to attend the fair for visit and order by sample for the exhibitors, set up the competitive advantages for the exhibitors, strive for the market, make efforts to seek and set up the new agent relations for the exhibitors, enhance the brand awareness, improve the product reputation, extend the market share and promote the product sale. 7. Based on the registered exhibition products, organize more customers and provide the exhibitors with accurate business opportunity regularly. 8. Arrange and print the Exhibition Journal and present it to the professional visitors and buyers free of charge to expand the influence of the fair and promote the exchange and transaction.

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