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China (Zhejiang) Shipbuilding Industry Expo 2008

China (Zhejiang) Shipbuilding Industry Expo 2008 China


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Organizer: Host by: Taizhou City People's Government, China Organizer: Economic Committee of Taizhou, Guangzhou Wellexpo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., China
Duration: Oct 15 - 17, 2008
Venue: Taizhou International Conference & Exhibition Center, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Location: China
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Telephone: 86-20-37600528, 37600529, 37600507
Fax: 86-20-37600530
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Industry Focus: Transportation
Products Focus: Ships Matching Products Shipyard, Dockyard and Maintenance Propulsion systems Electronics & Electrical Interior fixtures & fittings Navigation & Communication Pumps, Compressors & Valves Services & Technologies Relate to Marine Industry, Professional Media Facilities & Equipments for Ship Operation Steel Processing & Machining Electrical Equipment, Woodworker Machine & Other Special Equipment Cargo Handling and Lifting Machine Painting & Corrosion Protective Coatings Safety & Environmental Protection Assembling, Welding & Cutting Welding Equipments Cutting Equipments Assembling Tools
Introduction: 1. Attention from the government: The private capital of Zhejiang has promoted the development of shipbuilding effectively, and thus impelled the government to pay more attention to shipbuilding. And attention from the government, has promoted the entry of private capital, so interaction of the two strengths has poured enough development potentiality to the shipbuilding in Zhejiang. Secretary of Taizhou municipal Party committee Zhang Hongming put a high value upon the SHIPBUILDEX CHINA 2007, he said, "We must earnestly sum up the experience of SHIPBUILDING CHINA2007, pay attention to expanding influence of the exhibition every year, and actively strive for the country and provincial resource to attract merchants. Getting the actual effect to promote stably the development of social economy in Taizhou City" 2. Superior location: Taizhou, Zhoushan, Ningbo & Wenzhou are the four largest shipbuilding bases in Zhejiang. Meanwhile, Taizhou is the central city of said bases, with its annual shipbuilding capacity over a million tons and annual output value exceeding RMB10 billion Yuan, it occupies the first place in Zhejiang Province. We believe that the SHIPBUILDEX CHINA 2008 held in Taizhou City will attract the shipbuilding enterprises of the said areas to exhibit and visit. 3. Close to the market: Taizhou has gathered intensive ship manufacturing enterprises, its shipbuilding & ship repairing quantity, manufacturing capacity and annual shipbuilding output value are all rank first in Zhejiang, and it has already formed relatively complete industry chain. The clustering effect of Taizhou shipbuilding determines its key position in the market and its barometer function of reflecting the situation of the whole shipbuilding market. 4. Outstanding substantial results: The shipbuilding industry of Zhejiang area advances by leaps and bounds with enough development potentiality. In recent years, it has attracted numerous purchasers and shipping giants inside and outside the country to place orders in Taizhou one after another. Meanwhile, the huge shipbuilding industry of eastern coastal area, especially Taizhou needs to purchase a large number of ship matching products every year, so the exhibition has intended to offer a face to face opportunity to the purchasers with largest purchasing power and intention and the suppliers, to guarantee the profession of the exhibition and the substantial results of the trade. 5. Show the new and high technology: The types of civil ships that Zhejiang Province builds is more and more diversified at present, and the proportion of chemical ships, oil tankers, container ships and trail suction dredgers which are difficult to build is increasing constantly. The technological content of ships is higher and higher, and the requirements for ship matching products are higher and higher.

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