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Toys and Preschool Expo 2020 Completed

Toys and Preschool Expo 2020

Compass Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
Oct 28 - 30, 2020
Impact Exhibition Center,Bangkok, Thailand
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EXHIBITION PROFILE: Toys: plush soft, wooden, doll, electronic electric, plastic, educational puzzle, children riding, holiday supplies, plastic inflatable, etc. Outdoor amusement equipment and supplies: large-scale amusement equipment, slide series, swing series, climbing series, indoor and outdoor naughty castle series, play house, bouncing series, seesaw series, rocking horse and swing machine series, ball pool series, fitness equipment series , leisure chair series, rubber mats, etc. Preschool supplies: teaching aids and materials, children's book, electronic whiteboards, enlightening software, early childhood education products, preschool musical instruments, etc. Kindergarten facilities: kindergarten furniture, carpet, amusement equipment, kindergarten safety facilities, kindergarten decoration design, etc. Model machinery: vehicle and ship models, aircraft models, architectural models, military models, trains, railways, animal models, simulation models, die casting and metal toys, etc.
About Thailand: With the 20-years national development strategy of Thailand coming into effect, Thailand is aiming to become a developed country by 2037. Thailand, located in the center of Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, borders Myanmar in the East and Andaman Sea in the North. With Laos to its northeast, Cambodia to its southeast, it’s adjacent to Malaysia on the narrow peninsula in the south. The total trade volume of ASEAN Economic Community surpasses 1.4 trillion US dollars. The advantage of ASEAN being the trade center is not only that it’s a major exporter, but also it provides a huge network of manufacture equipment for product services. Those countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangkok, etc, have crucial strategic position. ASEAN is known as the “missing BRICS”. Located in the center of ASEAN, Bangkok provides an ideal platform and market for multinational companies. Market information: According to Euromonitor, the sales volume of global toys industry will reach 102.302 billion US dollars by 2020. From the growing rate of toy sales, Thai market is one of the fastest-growing toy markets around the world. The rapid development of animation IP in recent year also provides a great opportunity for exhibitors. TPE, the first exhibition focusing on preschool and toy industries in Thailand, will be a exhibition platform for preschool toy manufacturer entering the Southeast Asia. This expo will cover the entire ASEAN and Southeast Asia region and provide the most effective trade channels for exhibitor’s products to enter the local market. With Thailand as the starting point to expand ASEAN and carrying out “one belt, one road”strategy, the exhibition is aiming to create a good platform for more Chinese companies to trade all over the world.