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Souvenir Expo Greece Completed

Souvenir Expo Greece

Rota Limited, Athens
Jan 08 - 12, 2014
Product Focus:
The excellent exhibits at the Laiki Techni will include statues, ceramics, 1100000000, 1200000000, Komboloi Beads, Scented plants and flowers, Jewelry Faux Bijoux, Leather Wares, Dolls, Decorative items, Bronze items, Copper items, Various Tourist items, Woodcarved items, Icons, Beverages, Clothing items such as Knitworks and Needleworks, chessboards and backgammon Sets, Paintings, Cosmetics and Blown Glass items to name a few. The manufacturers and suppliers of these products will benefit from this showcase by winning new and prospective customers while strengthening their existing client base.
Laiki Techni is an event that is stated to be the largest expo of folk art and tourism items in Greece. This event will exhibit products that are inspired from the Greek tradition and have a touch of the Greece culture. Excellent masterpieces of art and great samples of creativity are to be exhibited in the exhibition that range from objects having high classical value and handmade decorative items to tourist clothing and icons.<BR>Laiki Techni will allow the attendees who will gather from all across Greece and the rest of the world to have a firsthand view of the exhibited items and thus will hold immense marketing opportunities for the exhibitors.