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Global VR & AR Expo & Summit Forum 2017

Global VR & AR Expo & Summit Forum 2017 China

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Organizer: Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Association,Shenzhen 3D Video Association,Shenzhen Multimedia Industry Association,China strengthens the real industry alliance,China VR / AR game industry alliance
Duration: Dec 12 - 14, 2017
Venue: Shenzhen Central Asia Convention and Exhibition Center
Location: China
Contact Person: Fan Wei
Email: Send an email
Telephone: 86-21-5438 8105
Website: Visit the official website
Industry Focus: Consumer Electronics
Products Focus: 1. VR products: virtual reality software, virtual reality equipment, virtual reality technology, virtual reality products, wearable equipment, intelligent wear equipment, power reverse device, virtual experiment and test system, VR game, simulation cockpit, 3D interactive system 3D, three-dimensional technology professional application-level products, equipment, systems and programs; holographic projection, laser projection equipment, multimedia interactive, naked eye, 3D graphics products, 3D stereo technology consumer electronics, equipment, systems and programs, 3D stereoscopic image production, 3D TV, 3D-9D film equipment, multi-touch equipment, education and training; 2. AR products: enhance the reality of the software field, enhance the reality of equipment, enhance the reality of technology, enhance the reality of products, enhance the experimental and test systems, AR games, headset, tracking system, mobile computing power, multimedia, 3D modeling, real-time video display And control, multi-sensor integration, real-time tracking and registration, scene integration and other new technologies. 3. Interactive entertainment products: online games, stand-alone games, web games, dynamic seats and digital interactive entertainment hardware products; 4. VR & AR interactive entertainment related media: network, website, related magazines, newspapers, television, radio, news media, institutions of higher learning;
Introduction: 2016 The world's first VR & AR Interactive Entertainment Expo (VRE China) was successfully concluded at the Shenzhen Greater China Convention and Exhibition Center on October 12-14, with an exhibition area of 7, 500 square meters and 95 exhibitors, bringing together 42 guests in the virtual reality industry. VRE has so far been the largest in the domestic virtual reality industry exhibition, with the largest number of speakers, the largest number of visitors and the widest coverage of professional activities. As one of the important activities of the industry, VRE will be held from December 12 to 14, 2017 in Shenzhen Central Asia Convention and Exhibition Center, hoping to jointly promote VR / AR technology application and industry development through exhibition and forum. To promote virtual reality, enhance the reality, wear, artificial intelligence and other vertical areas of market development and ecosystem construction. During the same period, we will organize technical seminars, summit forums, high-end dialogue, annual meeting of the association, industry brand annual selection, design competition and other activities, and joint authority, industry associations, research institutes and other industry standards for the industry To provide technical cooperation and exchange platform, and jointly promote the rapid development of VR / AR industry.

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