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The 17th Guangzhou International Automotive Manufacturing Equipment & Material Expo 2019 Completed

The 17th Guangzhou International Automotive Manufacturing Equipment & Material Expo 2019

Guangzhou First-Class Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Apr 09 - 11, 2019
Pazhou International Sourcing Centre, Guangzhou, China
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The current automobile holdings in China have reached over 220 million. It is estimated in 2020, China automobile holdings will exceed 250 million. It is expected China automobile annual sales will exceed 40 million vehicles in 2019 and the automobile production and sales will exceed 45 million vehicles in 2020, thus becoming the world first automobile market worthy of the name. In amidst of vehicle consumption market, after-sales service and maintenance segment is known as an important part, this segment is building up solid industry base and considerable market support attributable to home vehicle industry under booming growth and shall whereby become a hyper market that produces 1500-2000 bn scale. Huge potential auto consumer market promotes the fast development of the auto manufacture industry. Auto materials and equipments are closely related with auto manufacture costs and performance. Fine quality auto materials and up-to-date auto manufacture equipments are an important foundation for technical renovation of the auto industry while they have important affect on upgrade of the auto performance. At present, main technologies of auto industry are stepping into a new type-change period and development of auto technologies has higher demand for auto materials and auto manufacture equipments. Energy and environmental issues force automobiles to develop toward the direction of lightness, intelligence, energy-saving and environmental protection. Increase of living standard requires automobiles safer and more comfortable. All those set forth new requirements for auto materials and auto manufacture equipments. Guangzhou is located at the center of the Pan-Pearl River Delta economic circle. It is adjacent to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, radiates the Southeast Asia and enjoys quite accessible sea, land and air communications, wide radiant market area and developed economy. With operation of Toyota, Nissan and Honda at Guangzhou, several large auto production and parts producing bases have formed respectively in Nansha, Huadu and Zengcheng. A Guangzhou auto industry group featured by Japanese-funded auto products is growing up rapidly. Furthermore, No. 2 Guangzhou Honda Plant and Dopngfeng passenger company have been successively put into operation and expanded; Projects of ROK Hyundai, French Renault and Japan Hino have started construction, so a new auto industry pattern with car as the dragonhead has taken its shape at Guangzhou. Guangzhou has become China’s second largest car producing base and auto industry has been listed as one of Guangzhou’s pillar industries to support future economic development. It has formed a development pattern characterized by three big categories-passenger vehicles, MPVs and trailers, sub-categories-cars, coaches, trucks and special purpose vehicles, and with light-duty and small vehicle as main body and cars as guiding force. Guangzhou’s auto parts industry will promote with each other together with completed car industry, and enjoy joint development. Investment of auto manufacturers in construction of plants has resulted in a hot tide of investments made by Japanese auto parts suppliers, with Guangzhou as the center and radiating the surrounding Foshan, Zhngshan and Dongguan. Auto parts market scale keeps expanding. In order to lower the cost, international auto giants come to invest in construction of plants, so Guangzhou’s auto industry has entered a new period of fast development, thus providing a solid industrial foundation and strong market support for auto materials and auto manufacture equipments. “The 17th Guangzhou International Automotive Manufacturing Equipment & Material Expo 2019”, relying on auto industry and globe’s largest potential market resources, will fully display up-to-date technologies and products of all chains of auto manufacture industry. The exhibition involves in 4 major auto manufacture technologies and sectors engaged in parts shaping and processing equipments, new auto materials, auto moulds, engine manufacture, auto coating and industrial oils. We sincerely invite global well-known auto manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, auto material producers and auto manufacture equipment suppliers to gather at Guangzhou to enjoy success, which will greatly promote full development of China’s auto manufacture industry.