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Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show

Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show China


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Organizer: Organizers: Society of Automotive Engineers of China(SAE-CHINA) China Automobile Industry Engineering Corporation (AE) China Machine Tool & Special Equipment Company Automotive Equipment Developing Group China Gear Manufacturers Association Co-Organizers: Japan Automotive Machinery & Tool Manufactrers Association American Material Society (ASM) North America Robotics Society Supporters China Electric Vehicle Association of (CEVA) China Electrotechnical Society of Elec Vehicies(CESEV) SAE-China of Measuring & Testing Committee Shanghai Robotics Society Shanghai Society for Advanced Materiale Shanghai Automotive Association of Shanghai Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineers Shanghai Die & Mould Trade Association The Plastic Trade Association of Shanghai Robot Institute of Shanghai University Sponsor´╝Ü Shanghai Forever Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Duration: Aug 16 - 19, 2011
Venue: CHINA-Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Location: China
Contact Person: Berry Yang
Email: Send an email
Telephone: 86-21-64681300
Fax: 86-21-64168064
Website: Visit the official website
Industry Focus: Manufacturing & Processing Machinery , Industrial Equipment & Components , Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories , Transportation
Products Focus: I. Automobile Design and Development 1.1. Whole Automobile Design 1.2. Design and Technology of Internal Automobile Decoration Industry 1.3. Light Automobile Structure 2. Automobile Material 2.1. High-strength Steel, Plate, Tubing and Bar of Automobile 2.2. Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium and Alloy Materials 2.3. Compound Material 2.4. Automotive Painting 2.5. Other Automotive Materials 3. Manufacture Technology and Equipment of Automobile Parts and Components 3.1. Light-weight Manufacture Technology and Equipment 3.2. Precision Forging Production Line and Producing Unit for Manufacturing Parts and Components (Near-Net Forming Complete-set Technology and Equipment) 3.3. Forging Production Line Technology and Equipment for Parts and Components Manufacture 3.4. Metal Stock-removing Machine Production Line and Manufacture Unit of Parts and Components (including Digital Control Knife Tool System and Cutting Fluid) 3.5. Forming Die and Manufacture Technology 3.6. Thermal Treatment Technology and Equipment of Parts 3.7. On-line Detection and Quality Control 3.8. Identifier and Packing 4. Bodywork Manufacture Process and Equipment (Four Major Process Equipments) 4.1. Punching Production Line Technology and Equipment 4.2. Bodywork welding Production Line 4.3. Spray Coating Production Line 4.4. Whole Automobile Assembly Line 4.5. Agile Flexible Transfer Line (AFTL) of Power Assembly 4.5.1. Key Technology of Agile Flexible Transfer Line of High-precision Engine 4.5.2. Manufacturing Equipment of Energy-saving Automatic Transmission 4.6. Industrial Robot Complete-set Technology and Equipment 4.7. On-line Detection and Quality Control technology 4.8. Environmental Protection 5. Assembly and Quality 5.1. Assembly Technology 5.2. Transmission Technology 5.3. Erection Technology 5.4. Connection Technology 5.5. Disassembly Technology 5.6. Monitoring and Testing 5.7. Detection and Testing 5.8. Robot Technology 5.9. Machine Vision 5.10. Parts Cleaning
Introduction: Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology and Materials Show 2011(AMTS 2011) is closely linked with development of the Automobile industry. This exhibition, gathering more than 600 world well-known material, design, quality, assembly, and machinery equipment manufacturers, exhibits upgrade manufacturing solutions for the Automobile industry on site to create a wider prospect for the automobile manufacturing. AMTS 2011 aims to exhibit the applications and innovations in the aspects of automotive material and design, automobile manufacturing technology equipment, automobile assembly tech and quality and automobile engineering service, etc. It is a grand event for the full exhibition of innovative products and advanced concepts in the automobile manufacturing industries. The highlight of AMTS 2011 is to set up the exhibition areas according to products segmentation of automobile manufacturing process for the first time, in order to be closer to users of the automobile manufacturing, which accurately grasps the core structure of AMTS. The exhibition areas of AMTS 2011 is to be divided into five exhibition areas by the categories including material and design area, auto parts manufacturing technology and equipment area, bodywork technology and equipment area, assembly and quality area, and automobile engineering service area. "Automotive Engineering Area"& "Powertrain Design and Manufacturing Area" appear at the this exhibition for the first time and are the newly opened exhibiting area co-sponsored by China Automobile Industry Engineering Corporation (AE) and China Machine Tool & Special Equipment Company!

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