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2019 Yiwu Kitchen and Sanitary Ware Equipment Exhibition Completed

2019 Yiwu Kitchen and Sanitary Ware Equipment Exhibition

Yiwu Huanbo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Sep 07 - 09, 2019
Yiwu International Exhibition Center
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Water heating sanitary ware: faucet, hose, floor drain, valve core, instrument, valve, water pump, flume series, upper and lower water connector, pipe fittings, hot water/heating, water distributor, etc. Cabinet and kitchen bathroom facilities: integral cabinet, bathroom cabinet, combination mirror cabinet, laundry cabinet, kitchen lighting, integrated ceiling, shower room, toilet/urine, bathtub, water purifier, water softener, garbage disposal unit, etc. Kitchen and sanitary appliances: gas appliances, lampblack machines, microwave ovens, ovens, water heaters, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, bathrooms, exhaust fans, dryers, sensors and other small kitchen appliances; Kitchen utensils and accessories: cookware, kitchenware, tableware, stainless steel utensils and other products and accessories. Kitchen and sanitary hardware products accessories: handles, basket, pendants, slides, hinges, locks, hinge, air braces, etc.
Yiwu kitchen and sanitary facilities exhibition 2019 is based in yiwu, china, radiating the whole country and linking more than 200 countries around the world. The exhibition gathers a number of brand enterprises and high-quality products, gathers global high-quality buyers, and integrates the superior resources of all parties. Relying on the current major strategy of the country and the whole area, yixin europe and other international train sites and the global small commodity capital have superior consumer and industrial advantages. This exhibition aims to create an efficient and professional kitchen and bathroom exposition. Yiwu kitchen and sanitary products trade volume soars every year, with a number of professional kitchen and sanitary markets and agents. Yiwu has resident purchasers of kitchen and sanitary products from foreign businessmen in yiwu every year, which provides a direct opportunity for exhibitors to contact and communicate with foreign businessmen directly. Yiwu's strong market radiation and unique customer groups, circulation network and sales market advantages, build a rare international exchange and procurement platform for kitchen and sanitary facilities industry, truly achieve the one-stop supply and marketing service strategy, with the purpose of "serving global market trade, building an international procurement platform", highlight the degree of specialization of the exhibition, aiming at the two major international and domestic markets. The venue will build an excellent platform for exhibitors both at home and abroad to display their image, promote new products, negotiate trade and disseminate information, so as to achieve win-win situation.