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The twenty-eighth Guangzhou International Health Expo 2019

The twenty-eighth Guangzhou International Health Expo 2019 China

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Organizer: Ying Fu Man Exhibition
Duration: Jun 26 - 28, 2019
Venue: B area of Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall
Location: China
Contact Person: Tian Feng
Email: Send an email
Telephone: 020-29191532
Fax: 020-29191501
Website: Visit the official website
Industry Focus: Agriculture & Food , Health & Medicine
Products Focus: Special foods: health food, special medical formula food, dietary supplements, infant formula milk powder, etc. Nutritional Products: Bird's nest, ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis, Dendrobium, Ganoderma lucidum, packaging boxes, gift boxes, leather boxes, printed labels, etc. Beauty, detoxification and facial care: cosmetics, functional cosmetic freckle and acne products, personal care products, weight loss, slimming, etc. Medical and health care equipment: health care products, visual health care, beauty, massage fumigation, rehabilitation equipment, wearable equipment, water purification, air purification, formaldehyde removal, environmental protection decoration, etc. Health management services: health examination center, recuperation and rehabilitation center, maternal and infant care institutions, moon center plastic surgery services, big data services, etc. Big health category of Chinese medicine: Chinese herbal pieces, genuine medicinal materials, Chinese patent medicine, Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, Chinese medicine equipment, Chinese medicine library, etc. Biotechnology: biological agents, probiotics, enzymes, fermentation engineering, genetic engineering, etc. Reproductive Health Products: Family Planning Products, Interesting Products, Killing Products, Killing Products, Killing Products, Health Products, etc. Health care industry: intelligent pension services, health care complex, pension care rehabilitation institutions, etc. Matching Facilities of Large Health Shops and Hospitals: Innovative Counters, Management Systems, Automatic Subcontractor Pre-Packing Machines, Decocting Machines, etc.
Introduction: Guangzhou International Health Industry Exposition (IHE China Health Exhibition) is a well-known international B2B professional exhibition in the field of health industry, which has been successfully held to the 28th. IHE China Grand Health Exhibition has huge resources of exhibitors and purchasers, and has become a large-scale health industry event in the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2017, IHE China has joined forces with Infoman, the world's leading Convention and Exhibition organization, to provide one-stop international exchanges in the whole industry chain from raw materials to finished products, from production to sales, using Infoman's strong international network and Flagship Exhibition resources in various nutrition and health fields. Platform.

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