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The 6th International Die-cutting Processing and equipment (Shanghai) Expo

The 6th International Die-cutting Processing and equipment (Shanghai) Expo China

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Organizer: Guangzhou Zhengya Exhibition Co.,Ltd Shanghai Fuya Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Duration: Mar 28 - 30, 2011
Venue: Intex Shanghai
Location: China
Contact Person: Pan
Email: Send an email
Telephone: +86-21-33518238 33518239
Fax: +86-21-33518239
Website: Visit the official website
Industry Focus: Industrial Equipment & Components
Products Focus: 1.Diecutting material ◆Optical film type: polarizer film, reflecting film/ reflector plate, diffusion film/sheet, prism film, brightness enhancement film, optical protection film, ITO and so on. ◆Adhesive product type: all kinds of adhesive tape, protective film, label, double-sided tape, foam tape and so on. ◆Film type: release liner& release paper, PET, PVC,PE, PC and so on. ◆Foam type: foam tape, cellular rubber, foamed rubber, EVA and so on. ◆Other type:diecutting material such asmetal foil(copperfoil, aluminum foil),rubber, plastics, paper type, silk screen type. 2.Related Equipment and Instrument ◆Die-cutting machine, die equipment(laser die-board,etched die-board, medal die), cutter, splitting machine, slitting machine, dressing machine, dieing out press, coating machine, rewinding machine, slicing machine, laminating machine, labelling machine, marking machine, laser cutting machine, engraving machine, punching equipment, injection mold, OVH, thickness tester and related analytical and testing instrument. 3.Clean room Project ◆Shielding product, shielding equipment, shielding table/contignation/cabinet, safety suit, cleanroom consumptive material, anti-static product.
Introduction: "The 6th International Die-cutting Processing and Equipment (Shanghai) Expo"and "The 6th International Adhesive tape Protective Films & Optical Film (Shanghai)Expo", APFE for short, is the annual grand meeting for the international diecutting Processing and Equipment. APFE2011will be held in Intex Shanghai by Zhengya Exhibition Agency. We are looking forward to your participation! Market demand for diecutting material and processing is so high with the development of electric product manufacturing industry, especially in mobile phone and other interrelated industry which are increasing rapidly. "Die-cutting”is processing the raw material into difform components through the machine according to the requirement of client. APFE2011 will be held on the basis of four exhibitions success. APFE is an unique international business platform for the global diecutting market, displaying“new notions, new technologies, new products and new resolutions" of die-cutting material and processing equipment industry. We look forward to meeting you in Shanghai APFE Expo and more exciting. Zhengya Exhibition Agency has held five successful 'APFE(Diecutting Expo & Adhesive Tape Expo)' and become the endsville professional pageant for global adhesive product and die-cutting industry. APFE take die-cutting material and technical processing as the ligament. It is the common stage for adhesive product and die-cutting industry. Each APFE expo attracts enterprises from many countries and areas which bring diecutting materail(e. g. adhesive tape, protective film, optical film, foam, release liner, label). It builds a trade cooperation platform for industry and receives thounsands of professional audience from more than 10 countries. APFE has become an important place of developing exchanges, expanding business and promoting cooperation in adhesive product, diecutting and optical film field. We sincerely welcome you to view APFE2011 in March, 2011 in Shanghai with participate in, visit, purchase, discuss, exchange, cooperation and so on. Let us join hands in creating adhesive product and die-cutting industry expo!

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