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Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Duration: Jun 20 - 23, 2020
Location: China
Big Venue, Grand Exhibition

During June 20-23, the 28th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, Handicrafts, Watches & Houseware Fair was held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, the world’s largest exhibition center which covering 160,000 sqm.

As the 1st grand trade show held in Shenzhen since the virus outbreak, as well as the first show held in this center, it attracted over
1800 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors.

Exhibiting On Site

Of course, Made-in-China.com wouldn’t miss such a grand event. This year, Made-in-China.com exhibited in Hall 14, bringing 40 selected samples from 10 Chinese suppliers. The samples ranged from all kinds of boxes like watch boxes, jewelry boxes a, to housewares including clocks, watches and key rings, attracting many visitors to the booth.

Through talks and interviews to suppliers and exhibitors on site, Made-in-China.com collected the following information you might be interested in:

We are ready for global cooperation” Mr. Wang said so. Wang runs a company selling hardware and gifts to both Chinese buyers and international buyers. “International orders were all canceled or delayed for the last several months, we have to rely on domestic orders. But recently things get better and better. Buyers in other countries started to be back to work and
China is probably the only country in the world which is ready and capable to produce and trade now. ”

Inquiries keep coming from online” said Miss Li, manager of Zhenhua Technology Company.  Since the outbreak, Li receives inquiries from online platforms everyday. Household fitness equipment, Li’s main product, become very popular these days since people now spend more time at home now. Likewise, products like phone holders, sterilizers, consumer electronics and massage armchairs are all the rage these days.

Online Solutions We Provide

The fair lasts 4 days, but the visitors seemed never left. The booths, aisles were all filled with people. They surrounded the reception desk, showing great interest in how Made-in-China.com can help match global buyers, and asking about global buyers’ current situation.

For sure, they were asking the right person!
Because of the pandemic, international trade has been greatly affected. For those who used to look for partners, both buyers and suppliers, on exhibitions can hardly make it now. As a result, they turn to online solutions like B2B platforms, online expos, webinars, live streaming. And we, Made-in-China.com, have it all!

The biggest expo in China, Canton Fair, was held online for the first time during June 15-24 and Made-in-China.com is one of its co-organizers. It’s featured by the live online meeting function, with which you can have face-to-face conversation with suppliers whenever you want, so similar to what you’ve experienced on offline expos.

Here, you can enjoy Various VIP Benefits, like 3D virtual venue, 360 panorama display, live online meetings, instant translation services, and Star Buyers services including Verifying suppliers, Secured Trading Services, and Factory Visits.

Already missed the online Canton Fair?

No worries, click  https://expo.made-in-china.com/show and check what the next online expo is!