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Expo Nacional Ferretera 2019

Duration: Sep 05 - 07, 2019
Location: Mexico
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Founded in 1989, Expo Nacional Ferretera is an annual event. It is the largest professional hardware show in Latin America and has been held for 31 sessions. The exhibition gathered international professional dealers and buyers from Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Honduras and other countries.

According to statistics from the General Administration of Customs, P.R. China, Mexico is the second largest trading partner, the largest export market and the fourth largest source country of imports in Latin America to China. In 2018, China-Mexico trade volume was 58.06 billion US dollars, a year-on-year growth of 22%. Thereinto, China’s export to the US was $ 44.02 billion and import was $ 14.04 billion, a year-on-year growth of 23% and 19% respectively.

According to the "In-depth Research and Prospect Forecast Report of Chinese Hardware Tools Industry 2015-2020", China has formed three major hardware industrial zones -- the Yangtze River Delta, the Jiaodong Peninsula, and the Pearl River Delta. After more than a decade of accumulation and steady improvement, China’s hardware industry now has the largest output in the world.

The newly-appointed Obrador government in 2018 announced a series of national priority development plans, about half of which involve the construction of transportation infrastructure or other types of construction. These projects will greatly stimulate the demand of the building materials industry. Mexico also has strong purchasing power and acceptance of Chinese products.

On the Expo Nacional Ferretera site, Made-in-China.com interviewed buyers with the following two questions:

1. What do you want to purchase at this Expo Nacional Ferretera?

It turns out that buyers' purchases almost cover the entire range of exhibits at the expo, including hand tools, power tools, solar products, kitchen and bathroom hardware, lighting products. At the same time, individual buyers on site prefer household articles, but the demand is not high.

2. What is your biggest worry while purchasing from China?

Quality and timing!
Some buyers are most concerned about the irreplaceability of suppliers. So, they prefer high-quality goods. Other buyers said that they are most worried about time, including the delivery time and the receive time. The time issue greatly affects the final profit.
However, some buyers said they are not worried at all and they trust Made-in-China.com and Chinese suppliers. They also expressed their willingness to have a deeper cooperation with Made-in-Chin.com in the future.

Feedback from buyers

1.How to keep in touch with buyers after this exhibition?

After exhibitions, Chinese buyers usually use business cards or e-mails to contact buyers. But some buyers on site said that sellers in Mexico and South America prefer instant messaging tools like WhatsApp or Facebook, which makes the communication more friendly.

2.How to help buyers reduce risks?

A buyer named Avittat from Mexico told us that, compared with cooperating with Chinese suppliers, many locals prefer local agents and international suppliers, although there will be a commission, they can have a guarantee on after-sale service. Many Chinese suppliers sell others’ products with their own labels on, causing the loss of trust.

3.Some buyers want one-to-one service.

A buyer named Raymundo from Colima owns a large trading company with large demand on all kinds of products. Now he needs to develop new suppliers but he doesn’t know how to find one that can provide high quality products. Instead of receiving general response, he thinks one-to-one services can help him better.

Feedback from Made-in-China.com

This year, Made-in-China.com attended Expo Nacional Ferretera with a 36m^2 special booth. Chinese exhibitors spread over Chinese areas in the form of exhibition groups. Made-in-China.com also brought samples from senior members covering industrial safety protection, electric hand tools, garden hardware, lighting and construction hardware. Power tools, stainless steel faucets, anti-cutting gloves, helmet, industrial aluminum ladders, diggers, solar street lamps, valves and solar sprinkler lights attracted many buyers on site.

Mr. Hu, a Chinese supplier who owns warehousing logistics in Spain and is in need of an international platform to promote his products, said that Made-in-China.com is an excellent platform which builds a bridge between Chinese suppliers and international buyers.

Edgar, a buyer from Colombia, said that the 360 full-view factory display on Made-in-China.com creates trust between suppliers and buyers, which is very important for buyers with large demand.

On Expo Nacional Ferretera, most buyers spoke Spanish and many said that Spanish sounds more friendly than English on the expo. In that way, the minor language version of Made-in-China.com helped a lot.

“Sourcing quality Chinese products for buyers” is the ultimate goal for Made-in-China.com.

Next Expo Nacional Ferretera, Made-in-China.com will provide better services for you.

See you next year!