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  • The 28th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry (Printing South China) / The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2022 (Sino-Label) will be held on 4-6 March 2022 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China. Success of Printing South China and Sino-Label 2021, Carry On to 2022 Being the major shows in the printing, labeling and packaging industry, Printing South China and Sino-Label 2021 were successfully concluded. Professional exhibit zones, product display, good transaction record and high-quality services were recognized by the industry. Eve Cai, HP Indigo Marketing Manager in China, said, “under the severe situation of COVID-19, it has been really a tough and challenging journey until the success of Printing South China. In this show, we displayed our first HP Flash Coffee Shop on the site, aiming to create a brand new environment in which users can immerse themselves for a better experience and get a better understanding of various applications and user scenarios of digital printing technology. This has successfully drawn attention from lots of visitors and potential customers. Once again, we would like to thank the organizers for establishing this professional platform which efficiently connects the manufacturers and customers and promotes the continuous development of the industry.” Mr. Zhu, Manager of YUTO Group Longgang Branch, was full of praise towards the exhibitions and stated, “Thanks the organizers for the well planning of the Printing South China 2021 and providing high-quality services to visiting enterprises. The 4-in-1 Expo arrangement integrated resources in a one-stop platform, initiating a new trend for the market. We have learnt about many new technologies and machines at this exhibition. We surely will join the show again next year!” Printing South China and Sino-Label will be concurrently held on 4-6 March 2022 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China, gathering the premium printing labeling exhibitors in the one-stop sourcing platform. Printing South China Show Highlights “Smart Packaging Printing Prepares for the Future” is the theme of Printing South China, the expo features seven highlights providing exhibitors and visitors with more cutting-edge and market-dynamic equipment and technologies. Digitalization and Application showcases various solutions facilitating corporate transformation, including operation cost control, automatic production improvement, quicker response to market changes as well as company productivity enhancement. Intelligent Automatic Packaging Printingdisplays automation technology, realizes the intelligent and automatic control of equipment, improves company productivity and reduces operation cost, and embraces the development of 5G era. Paper Container Packaging Zonefollows the market trends and responses quickly to the plastic ban through integrating various paper container packaging companies to promote recycling and sustainability in the green corporate development. Innovative Packaging Materials Zonegathers premium exhibitors from the green packaging and functional packaging materials, focuses on sustainability and functionality, improves company productivity and reduces operation cost, and fulfills the needs of buyers towards packaging. Flexible Packagingconsumes fewer resources and energy compared to other formats of packaging, which reduces the cost of packaging, materials and transportation. The expo helps to maximize the value of flexible packaging by enabling enterprises to search for the appropriate techniques and machinery, breaking through the bottleneck in flexible packaging technology. Corrugated Zonegives the visitors an all-rounded full picture about the new form corrugated packaging industry, by gathering domestic well-known corrugated box equipment and consumables suppliers, displaying the most cutting-edge corrugated production equipment, and building a one-stop communication and sourcing platform for the upstream and downstream of the corrugated packaging industry chain. Green Environmental Zone follows the policy on environmental protection, helps the traditional industry in green transformation and upgrading, and promotes the recycling development. Sino-Label Show Highlights Sino-Label 2022 grows with digital, environmental and intelligent development, establishing four zones to fulfill the needs of different end-product industries including food, beverage, FMCG, logistics and medical industry. Green-Green Label Material Zone + Environmental Flexo Printing Flexographic printing with water-based ink and different green innovative materials are widely applied in the food packaging aspect, which helps the corporates to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Digitalization-Digital Label Brand Zone To embrace the digital printing boom, the expo displays leading digital printing technology, fulfills the need for customization, and helps the end-product industry to get into the era of digitalization. Intelligence-RFID Zone To tap into the high potential market of RFID labels, innovative anti-counterfeit and tracking solutions are provided to the entire supply chain. Label Post-press Zone A wide range technologies and equipment, including post-press processing, detection, web guiding, die-cutting, cold stamping and waste discharging, are displayed to satisfy clients’ demand for multi-functional equipment. Automation can help improve production process and achieve technological advancement. All-rounded Industry Chain Expo of Printing, Labeling, Packaging and Packaging Products With 28-year track record, Printing South China 2022 once again joins forces with Sino-Label, Sino-Pack and PACKINNO to fully cover the industries of printing, packaging, labeling and packaging products. The exhibition area is expected to have 140,000 sq.m. with over 1,700 premium exhibitors and 90,000 professional visitors, building a resourceful one-stop business platform for the industries. Meet you in Guangzhou on 4-6 March 2022! For more information, please visit: Website www.PrintingSouthChina.com / www.SinoLabelExpo.com Facebook: @PrintingSouthChina /@Sino-Label Twitter: @PrintingSouthChina / @SinoLabel LinkedIn: @PrintingSouthChina / @SinoLabel -End- Please send us a specimen copy if you publish this press release. Thank you. Exhibitor Enquiry Overseas - Tel: (852) 2811 8897 China - Tel: (86-755) 2354 7123/7122/7126 (86-20) 8912 8268/8283 E-mail: plp@adsale.com.hk Overseas Media/ Visitor Enquiries Ms. Niki Lam/ Ms. Christina Chow Tel: (852) 2516 3510/3523 E-mail: printpack.hkpr@adsale.com.hk
  • Despite hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam as one of Asia's fastest-growing countries, is quickly reviving its economy thanks to the activeness of the business community and the government’s efforts. To improve the international networking between the local manufacturers and global supply chains, the organizers, Vinexad National Trade Fair & Advertising J. S. C. And Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd., launch VietnamPlas & VietnamPrintPack Online Expo concurrently from December 1st to 10th. VietnamPlas & VietnamPrintPack Online Expo will be an ideal boundary-free, one-stop-for-all platform to stay in touch with customers and partners worldwide, present products and innovations, network from knowledge-sharing activities; And a relevant format for getting access to new contacts. Gathering world’s top notch plastics, printing and packaging producers. As the leading plastics, printing and packaging industry fairs in Vietnam, VietnamPlas & VietnamPrintPack have established their reputation, obtained great support from many international industry associations, and attracted more and more high-profile companies to join the shows. This year, VietnamPlas & VietnamPrintPack Online Expo will bring 171 world-leading exhibitors from 9 countries and regions to display a series of innovative, efficient and cost-effective products, fully cover different sectors of the whole supply chains from raw materials, processing machinery, auxiliary equipment to finished product such as film, sheet, pipe and tube. The renowned brands are including HUAYUAN (HAITIAN VIETNAM), WOOJIN, TSRC, VICTOR TAICHUNG, FU CHUN SHIN, LUNG MENG, PAN STONE, POLYSTAR, GRECO, CHEN WAY, MILLIKEN, TAEWON from plastics and rubber area; KONICA MINOLTA, SANSIN VIETNAM, TRUNG MY A, EPSON VIETNAM, WEST RIVER, GUANGZHOU YUE AN specialized in printing and packaging, and more. Matching exhibitors and visitors in a safer way with customized and friendly interface. In the pandemic era, virtual solutions are the safest way to kick-start the economy. In ten full days of the show, VietnamPlas & VietnamPrintPack Online Expo not only offers a 24-hour inquiry and unlimited business appointments via live chat and video call, but also provides a networking, learning and knowledge sharing opportunity throughout the online platform. Completing the registration, visitors can easily visit the virtual show, develop their business globally and unlock key market potential in specific industry sectors. VietnamPlas & VietnamPrintPack Online Expo will run from 1st to 10th December, and visitor registration is available. To register and learn more about the online expo, please visit https: //www.Chanchao.com.Tw/Vietnamplas/
  • The 1st New Material Innovation Fair (NMIF) was held in Xiamen on November 15. The Fair was guided by major government offices and authoritative institutions in Xiamen, hosted by Xiamen New Materials Industry Association and Degradable Profedssional Committee of China Environmental Protection Federation, and exclusively undertaken by Sinolong Technology Goup. The NMIF has a wide coverage and great industry impact. It is a national industry fair with high specifications in recent years. The theme of the NMIF is "Co-building A Low-carbon Future • Empowering Green Innovative Change". The purpose of the fair is to bring together the government, experts, academicians, industry associations, leading enterprises in the new material industry and the related upstream and downstream industries to make suggestions for the national green development, and promote the early realization of the "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals". Through a series of keynote speeches, high-end round table dialogues and other forms, the fair fully demonstrated the latest research results and practical exploration of the current academic and business circles in the field of green and low-carbon materials, and presented an industry feast with rich content. Government, Industry, University, Research and Consumption join hand in hand, sound the call of green and low-carbon development At the Fair, the Green Development Action Declaration of "Gathering Innovative Forces & Enabling Low-carbon Development" jointly drafted by Xiamen New Material Industry Association, Degradable Professional Committee of China Environmental Protection Federation and Sinolong Technology Group was officially released, calling on the upstream and downstream of the new material industry and enterprises, associations and academia of various industries to work together firmly under the guidance of “ China’s Carbon Goals”. Amazing Showcase of BIONLY-biodegradable PLA Film Help Host Green Fair All the handbags, stand-up tea pouches, adhesive tapes and mask packaging bags etc. in the fair all use Changsu’s new biodegradable BOPLA film, BIONLY, which became a highlight of the fair and attracted many participants to inquiry. It is reported that the application of biodegradable materials to fair materials is the first in China, which provides a new solution for green and low-carbon fairs in the future. The showcase of BIONLY not only provided best practice samples for the implementation of the theme of the fair, but also boosted confidence for the new material industry to increase R & D and innovation investment in green and low-carbon materials and accelerate the transformation of green materials from laboratory to market. More information about BIONLY, please click the link, https://www.changsufilm.com/bio-based-film-material-bopla-product/
  • Representatives from Organizers: 1. Mr. Vu Trong Tai – General Manager, Reed Tradex Vietnam 2. Mrs. Do Thi Thuy Huong – Board of Director, Vietnam Electronic Industries Association 3. Mr. Daniel Fitzpatrick, Director, USAID LinkSME Project According to the Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2021 report of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2021, ADB commented that Vietnam's economic growth is forecast to recover to 6.2% next year despite the re-emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and may accelerate to 7.0% in the upcoming 2022. This growth will be driven with the export-oriented manufacturing industry followed by increasing investment and expansion of trade. Due to the complicated and unpredictable situation of the Covid -19 pandemic taking place in Vietnam and globally, there is the rising in high demands and needs of practical opportunities for businesses in the electronic and supporting industries in Vietnam to approach and update with new market trends, new techniques, and technologies as well as directly meet-up with potential partners from internationally. Mr. Vu Trong Tai, General Manager, Reed Tradex Vietnam, representative of the Organizing Committee – NEPCON Vietnam 2021 shared: “The fight against the covid pandemic continues globally with difficulties everywhere, but Vietnam is still being considered as top destination for investors, with its economy continuing to grow among the highest rank in the world. In 2021, NEPCON will be conducted on an online platform, using multimedia technology for easy connection via various types of smart devices. We also bring many activities such as Vietnam Electronics Forum, Business Innovation Zone Panel discussion and Webinars for Tech-Update as well as announcement from IPC Hand Soldering Competition. This year, NEPCON attracts nearly 100 brands and suppliers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam, expected to welcome more than 2,000 visitors from Vietnam and other countries worldwide.” In response to the impact of Covid-19, both local businesses and foreign investors are interested in: When the age of digitization begins inside out the markets, how can the electronics and supporting industries in Vietnam, especially the SMEs, enter the global supply chains? Speaking at the digital opening ceremony of Vietnam Electronics Forum, under NEPCON Vietnam, Mrs. Do Thi Thuy Huong, Board of Director, Vietnam Electronic Industries Association commented: “With positive results in production and import-export results in the nine months of 2021, the electronics industry continues to play a pioneering role in leading the export turnover of manufacturing industries with export value in 3 quarters of 2021 reached 77.57 billion USD, accounting for 32.24% of the total export turnover of the country, of which the trade surplus reached 8.99 billion USD, significantly contributing to the growth of the economy and the country's foreign currency balance in 2021. Despite facing challenges during 02 years by the impacts of the COVID-19 . Especially, to support the local and SMEs in maintaining the vitality of the business in the complicated business environment with many difficulties and constant changes, in cooperation with NEPCON Vietnam 2021, the USAID LinkSME Project will join hands in supporting Vietnamese SME manufacturers to develop and participate in the global supply chain. “The USAID LinkSME project is all about facilitating connections—between SMEs and international firms, between Business support organizations and the companies they serve, and between the business sector and government agencies working to improve the business environment. These connections have become only more important during these challenging times. But challenges inspire innovation, as shown by the new approaches to exhibitions pioneered by Reed Tradex and its partners”, said Mr. Daniel Fitzpatrick, Director, USAID LinkSME Project. With the participation of exhibitors from more than 10 countries and over 100 brands of famous technology & machinery joined in international pavilions coming from Japan, USA, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Russia, India, …The 13th Vietnam’s Only Exhibition on SMT, Testing Technologies, Equipment and Supporting Industries for Electronics Manufacturing – NEPCON Vietnam will be held online via NEPCON website. During three days from 17-19 November 2021, the digital NEPCON Vietnam will cover many activities such as the series of customized seminars, advanced technology updates from leading brands around the world and especially the completely free Panel discussion for business consulting: Business Innovation Zone 2021. This is a part of the Business Innovation Zone Project, initiated by Reed Tradex since 2020 to support businesses to recover during and after Covid-19. The digital exhibitions have so far attracted on-line registration of more than 2,000 visitors from Vietnam and other Asian countries. For more details, please visit: www.nepconvietnam.com
  • ELECTRIC MOBILITY : THE READINESS INDONESIA TOWARD ZERO EMISSION Global automobile sector is advancing towards an Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution and Indonesia considered EV as a priority on the Indonesian investment list. Indonesia has an ambitious plan to become a major player in the global EV market and has created $ 17 billion roadmap for this particular sector. Indonesia holds more than 22% of the world's nickel reserves, and the government's commitment to reducing carbon emissions (29% by 2030) and growing public interest in clean vehicles make Indonesia an ideal environment for electric vehicle manufacturers. In order to accelerate the spread of electric vehicles, the Indonesian government makes a roadmap for electric vehicle development by 2030. The goal is to reach 600,000 electric vehicles production by 2030 for four or more wheels and a maximum of 2.45 million for two-wheeled vehicles. “The production of electric vehicles is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 2.7 million tons for four-wheeled vehicles or more and 1.1 million tons for two-wheeled vehicles. ASEAN is a promising electric vehicle (EV) market. The Asia Pacific low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) market is expected to reach 71.8 million units by 2025, at a CAGR of 6.6% during 2018-2025. The massive development of electric vehicle in Indonesia was attracted Top Automotive Companies to set up electric car factories in Indonesia like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Honda. Especially for Hyundai - apart from building an electric car factory in Indonesia - also formed a consortium consisting of Hyundai Motor Company, KIA Corporation, Hyundai Mobis and LG Energy Solution to cooperate with PT. Indonesian Battery Industry or Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC). The IEA`s The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions report states that Indonesia has a great opportunity as a first class player in the world`s EV industry. Indonesia could dominate the hub for EVs that supply the needs of the ASEAN region by 2030 because it has significant sources of nickel, cobalt, and copper, which are essential for the manufacture of EV batteries. According to the IEA, Indonesian nickel accounts for about half of global production growth over 2025. Indonesian's COVID-19 Update Covid-19 in Indonesia experienced an improving trend. Covid Positivity Rate has fallen below 1% which is lower from the WHO's benchmark standard of 5%. Indonesian government has shortened the quarantine period for fully vaccinated foreigners to 3 days. In the near future, quarantine should also be removed for entry into Indonesia. Exhibition, a great platform for Re-imaging and Re-branding EV Indonesia 2022 is a sub-event of INAPA that focused on electric vehicle, technologies, component and EV Manufacturing solution. This show will be held from 23 - 25 March 2022, at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta (hybrid event). EV Indonesia 2021 presents an opportunity to feature the latest trend and technology for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing solutions including battery, electrical powertrains, component, IT Systems, material, equipment and services. It will be notably serving as one of the ASEAN’s most prospective one-stop platform for automotive industry. INAPA 2022 & EV Indonesia 2022 will be held in hybrid (physical & online). Hybrid exhibition is a perfect platform that combines physical and virtual exhibitions. It has a wider reach as it can accommodate global markets only by digital and make it easier for visitors to interact or connect with exhibitors through digital platforms. Secure your participation now! For more information please contact : +62 21 54358118 or drop us an email : info@gem-indonesia.com
  • Glasstech Asia x PERAFI is back with an exciting and brand-new topic: Architectural Sustainability. The webinar will take place on 18th Nov 2021 at 2.30pm-4.30pm JKT (GMT+7) | 3.30pm-5.30pm SGT (GMT+8) | 9.30am-11.30am CET. The future is fuelled by technological advancements such as artificial Intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality and so much more. This helps to enhance proficiency in design and construction processes, transforming the future of the façade industry. Find out how our speakers incorporate digital technologies into design and building processes, transforming the future of the façade industry: Michael Chin, Principal of Arup Daniels Chandra, Director of ONG&ONG Group Malvinder Singh Rooprai, Senior Technical Program Manager of Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Vyacheslav Scheredin, Head of Technical Department, Pilkington and hosted by Gwen Tan, Regional Marketing Manager of Dow Performance Silicones Save your virtual seat here.
  • Dear Exhibitors, Visitors and Industry Colleagues, In view of the current situation involving the intermittent spreading of the epidemic nationwide and abroad and the latest epidemic prevention requirements of China and the government of Shanghai in order to guarantee the health and safety of exhibitors, purchasers and professional visitors, China National Hardware Association and Koelnmesse have prudently decided to postpone China International Hardware Show 2021 (CIHS 2021) from 8-10 October 2021 to 16-18 December, 2021. The event will still be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). For further information regarding the change of exhibition dates, please refer to the supplementary information of CIHS 2021 in the following weeks. Yours Sincerely, China National Hardware Association Koelnmesse (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Indonesia – One of the Most Exciting Automotive Market in the World Indonesia's manufacturing industry contributed of Indonesia Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew 7.07% in the 2nd Quarter compared with a year earlier. Indonesia's automotive industry has remained one of the manufacturing sub-sectors contributing positively to the national industry. In the future, automotive will transform to Electric Vehicle. The positive trend shown by electric vehicles where the government is massive in the development of electric vehicles and Indonesia will become electric car production center. The government has targeted the production of electric vehicles based on 4-wheeled batteries or more to 600,000 units per year and 2-wheelers to reach 2.45 million units per year by 2030. Besides, Indonesia is one of the largest markets for motorized two-wheelers in the world. Indonesia will set a roadmap for 2040 that new motorcycle sales are only for electric with aims to reduce its notable air pollution, and it is part of a larger plan that Indonesia has planned to reduced new-car sales to electrics only by 2050. Indonesia has launched a pilot project to convert motorbikes with combustion engines to electric drives. Ten motorbikes have been converted so far, and 90 more are to follow by November. The Indonesian government has set a target of having a total of 13 million electric motorbikes (including converted ones) and 2.2 million electric cars on the roads by 2030. Indonesia : The Update for COVID-19 and Vaccination The COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia is experiencing an improving trend, where positivity rate tests continue to decline. Over the past week, Indonesia's coronavirus positivity rate has fallen below the WHO (World Health Organization)'s benchmark standard of 5% for the first time, an indicator that the country's devastating second wave could be easing. According to the government, the massive vaccination and PPKM (Community Activities Restrictions Enforcement) are factors to decrease the positivity rate in Indonesia. To this day Indonesia is ranked 6th in the world with the highest cumulative Covid-19 vaccination in the world. The vaccination in Jakarta has reached over 100% for the first dose and above 70% for the second dose. INAPA 2022 - Reimaging Your Automotive Business the Post COVID-19 in ASEAN 2022 The 12th edition of INAPA 2022 which will be held from 23 - 25 March 2022, JIExpo Kemayoran (hybrid event), will continue to offer a grand opportunity to network with regional automotive industry. With more than 20.000 attendees and 1,048 exhibiting companies, and a history of bringing automotive professionals together in 2019, INAPA has become the ASEAN's largest annual meeting place for automotive OEM and aftermarket players. INAPA has been proved as ASEAN’s Largest & Most Influential Trade Show for Automotive Industries and become a professional choice for global auto part, accessories and automotive technologies suppliers to gather meet and discuss with their business partners. Secure your participation now! For more information please contact : +62 21 54358118 or drop us an email : info@gem-indonesia.com
  • Representatives from Organizers: 1. Mr. Do Thang Hai, Deputy Minister - Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOIT) 2. Mr. Daisuke Okabe, Minister - the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam (EOJ) 3. Mr. Vu Ba Phu, Director General - Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE), Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOIT) 4. Mr. Takeo Nakajima – Chief Representative, The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) – Hanoi Office 5. Mr. Vu Trong Tai – General Manager, Reed Tradex Vietnam & the presences of partner, Mr. Daniel Fitzpatrick, Director, USAID LinkSME Project 04 step to join the digital VME & SIE 2021 Step 1: Scan the QR Code or vis The remarkable 2021 is a milestone for domestic and international trading businesses to strongly transform with digital technology and bounce back after the pandemic via strategies for optimizing resources and expanding business connections. Besides the challenges from the instability of the world economy, the effectiveness of new trade agreements such as EVFTA and UKVFTA, and policies to support and encourage FDI from the Vietnamese Government are expected to create potential investment opportunities and partnership for those who are ready to catch up with market trends Due to the complicated and unpredictable situation of the Covid -19 pandemic taking place in Vietnam and globally, the extensive cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in the economic field in general and in supporting industries in particular through the active implementation of the contents of The Agreement between Vietnam and Japan for an Economic Partnership (VJEPA), Vietnam's industrialization strategy within the framework of Vietnam - Japan cooperation and the Action Plan of the Vietnam - Japan Joint Initiative Phase 8 have become an important bridge between Vietnam and Japan, that open up opportunities for cooperation, technology transfer, and production capability enhancement for enterprises of the two countries. With efforts to develop Vietnam's supporting industries and strong support from Japan, the Vietnam - Japan Supporting Industries Exhibition and the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo organized by VIETRADE - Ministry of Industry and Trade in collaboration with JETRO and Reed Tradex Company in recent years play a very important significant role, creating a premise for Vietnamese enterprises in the industry to increase production capability to meet increasing needs for both domestic and export and connect with Japanese and international partners. For the first time, "The 9th Vietnam - Japan Supporting Industries Exhibition (SIE 2021)" and "Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME 2021)", will be held ONLINE from 15 to 17 September 2021, in the form of digital exhibitions with the participation of more than 100 enterprises from Vietnam, Japan and other countries. About Business Innovation Zone Since 06/2020, the Business Innovation Zone was kicked off by Reed Tradex to support both local and international enterprises, especially SMEs in Manufacturing, Factory Logistics and Electronics in response to the changing landscape of business after the pandemic, to overcome the challenges with information and solution in utilizing the benefits of both “online & offline” business opportunities. Accordingly, Reed Tradex will partner with business leaders, consulting experts, industry professionals, government officers to organize webinar series which will offer new insights and successful guerrilla business case studies. Join the Business Innovation Zone and receive the complimentary business consulting session HERE. ____________ For more information, please contact: Sophie Kim Th Ryan Phan Vinh T: +84 286 28 73 355 - Ext: 115 T: +84 286 28 73 355 - Ext: 114 M: +84 93 777 2297 M: +84 916 02 04 85 E: tho.le@reedtradex.vn E: vinh.phan@reedtradex.vn
  • Since 2020 – Reed Tradex, ASEAN’s leading exhibition organizer, together with Vietnam Electronic Industry Association (VEIA) and PR Newswire have organized Memorandum of understanding (MOU) Signing Ceremony for empowering the Business Innovation Zone – an online webinar series under the theme “Guerilla Business In the Age of Digitization ”. The MOU signing event was organized with the goal to not only gather all resources to support for electronics business firms after Covid-19, but also push forward Vietnamese electronics manufacturers towards to be able to join the global supply chains. The idea for Business Innovation Zone came after NEPCON saw the demand and received the enquiries for additional information to support both local and international enterprises with information and solution in utilizing the benefits of online business opportunities. In response to the changing landscape of the manufacturing and supporting industry field after the pandemic, NEPCON will partner with business leaders, consulting experts, industry professionals, government officers to organize webinar series which will offer new insights and case studies. Mr. Vu Trong Tai, General Manager of Reed Tradex Vietnam shared that: “Seeing the rapidly rising concerns of many companies about the future of the business after the lockdown, it's important to Reed Tradex that the partners, exhibitors and visitors aware we are here for business connecting and always willing to provide the valuable support together with practical solutions”. “The cooperation between PR Newswire and Reed Tradex, under NEPCON Vietnam, strives to expand PR Newswire's network in Vietnam market, so that the information of foreign organizations and businesses reaches more readers. This will support for eletronics businesses maintain brand recognition in the international press system while ensuring optimal communication costs”, said Mr. Vu Thai Dung, Representative of PR Newswire Vietnam. BUSINESS INNOVATION ZONE – FIRST EPISODE: VIETNAMESE BUSINESS & OPPORTUNITIES TO PARTICIPATE IN GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN AFTER COVID-19 Under the scope of Business Innovation Zone, a pre-show activity of VME, Reed Tradex Vietnam and the Vietnam Electronic Industries Association (VEIA), PR Newswire and IDC Center, Industry Agency - Ministry of Industry and Trade organized the first episode of webinar series with the main topic as "Vietnamese Business & Opportunities To Participate In Global Supply Chain After Covid-19”. During the webinar, Ms. Do Thi Thuy Huong, Member of the Executive Board, Vietnam Electronic Industries Association (VEIA) presented about “The new opportunities and challenges of electronics firms after Covid-19” and conducted some showcase for business ideas. Ms.Huong said: "The enterprises in the electronics industry should focus on activities that can help improve productivity, business environment and supply chain values as well as connect domestic firms with FDI resources in the region and around the world. This linkage is necessary and important for business in the electronics industry after the pandemic. " As key speaker of the webinar, Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan Thuy, Deputy Director of IDC Center, Industry Agency - Ministry of Industry and Trade updated the policy and issues related to Vietnam electronics industry, opportunities from EVFTA and the policy of connecting businesses from government perspective. Ms. Thuy shared: “It is an important moving-forward step that Vietnam electronics industry builds a network of domestic suppliers with global competitiveness, it will help reduce risks of supply chain, delivery time as well as production cost. Meanwhile, high–qualified electronic business will also support for increasing the flexibility of the electronics industry in particular and the economy in general, helping to remain existing FDI enterprises and attracting new FDI resources. ” BUSINESS MATCHING SERVICE IS READY TO SUPPORT NOW! Only at VME, the business matching service will bring up opportunities for both supplier and buyers around the world. What are you waiting for? Let’s connect with our business matching team and grab your chances for approaching clients and expanding market today! REGISTER FOR BUSINESS MATCHING NOW: https://bit.ly/SurveyBD2021
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