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    Feb 12,2020
    A Star-studded Event With Spectacular VIP Presence! G&A 2019 was graced with the presence of top-ranking VIP delegations, comprising of state officials and association leaders, who gave their high approvals to the show! I am very proud to say that Zhongshan is today China’s biggest producer for games & amusement rides, and this great achievement cannot be done without G&A, which has witnessed up to 30 billion yuan of business done on its show floor for the past 11 years. ———Xu Xiaoli, Deputy Mayor of Zhongshan at the Opening Ceremony Partial Esteemed Guests Li Jian, Deputy Director-General of Market Management Division of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China; Liu Sanjiang, President of China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute; Xing Youxin, Secretary-General of National Ropeway and Amusement Device Standardization Technical Committee; Zeng Xiaofeng, Deputy Director General of Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism; Liu Jinhua, President of China Culture & Entertainment Industry Association (CCEA); Huo Jianjun, Secretary-General of China Tourist Attractions Association (CTAA); Xu Ping, Secretary-General of China Association of Amusement Parks and Attraction (CAAPA); Xu Xiaoli, Deputy Mayor of Zhongshan ... ... Exhibitors Profile As a signature event of China’s game & amusement industry, G&A has gathered premium exhibitors from not only Zhongshan, but across the country! 35% Arcade Games WAHLAP, Universal Space (UNIS), HUANG YUE TECH, Mecpower Amusement, M SKY CO., LTD., G-LOOK, NITTO FUN, YES CRANES 25% Children Amusement Family of Childhood Industrial, Golden Credit Amusement, Fute Amusement Technology, Jinshi Entertainment, Zhidawu Animation & Entertainment, Lebeier Amusement Management 14% Amusement Rides Golden Horse , Golden Dragon, Hangtian Amusement Equipment, Guohui Mechanic , Jinbo Entertainment, United Game Machines 12% Culture & Tourism (New Pavilion) Unite Art, Max Creative Industry Organization, Zigong Dinosaur Landscape & Art, Yong Lixing Amusement Equipment, Elephant Sculpture Art, Langrui Tourism Landscape, Matee Environment Art 8% Water Parks & Inflatables Dalang Amusement, Daxin Water Park, Cowboy Industrial, Wolong Amusement 4% VR/AR Games FuninVR, NINED, Longcheng Electronic, XIMMERSE Partial Feature Exhibitor by Pavilion Thank you for providing such a wonderful platform! So many valuable overseas leads were gained, and the orders signed on site are estimated to be worth over 3 million yuan. We are looking forward to the next show! ——Qiangli Amusement Park Visitor Profile Recording 20,000+ visitors plus repeat visits, including 700+ buyers from outside of Mainland China, such as the US, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, the UK, Russia, India, Australia, South Africa, Canada, France, Pakistan, Israel, the UAE, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and etc. Domestic Visitor Analysis by Region 71% Southern China 18% Eastern China 7% Central & Northern China 4% Northwest, Southwest, Northeast && Visitor Analysis by Sector 26% Agent/Dealer/Distributors/Importer/Exporter 25% Attractions/Theme Parks/Water Parks/FECs/State Parks/Shopping Malls 19% Play Ground Renting/Hotel/Resort/Themed Entertainment 16% Real Estate Development/Attraction Investment 14% Others Group Delegations China Tourist Attractions Association (CTAA) Guangdong Tourism Attractions Association (GDTAA) Jiangmen Tourism Association Foshan Tourism Association Lionsgate ... ... Asia Culture & Tourism Industry Development Conference An extensive discussion into how to use culture to empower tourist attractions, delivered by 30+ experts and attended by 500+ executive delegates. Partial Speakers Vincent Fischer Entertainment Agent in China Aden Entertainment Chan Ho Park Vice President & Creative Chief Design Director THEMETECH (China) Ye Weitang President Zhongshan Gaming & Amusement Association Zheng Jianping Executive President China Tourism Design Institution Li Jian Vice Chairman & General Manager OCT Vision Inc. Zheng Wei Chairman & Vice President China Creative Intelligence Association-Cultural Tourism Development (CCIA) Jinding Award One of the most influential awards in China’s game & amusement industry; Co-organized by Zhongshan Gaming & Amusement Association; Collecting 24899 votes from insiders! Award Winners Excellent Indoor Products Universal Space (UNIS) Jiuyou Animation Hai Mao Animation Nitto Fun Excellent Outdoor Products CRRC Special Equipment Supergame Amusement Dalang Water Park Golden Horse Tianhong Amusement Excellent Attraction Designs Elephant Sculpture Art Max Creative Industry Organization Check out the show’s photo gallery! It has been viewed by over 22,000 people and still counting!
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    Feb 12,2020
    The 1st & Only Professional Amusement Expo in Thailand! As an ASEAN member and the 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia with a burgeoning amusement market, Thailand is the perfect setting for the staging of TAAPE. Covering an area of 8000 sq.m, TAAPE 2019 attracted more than 160 exhibitors. For a first-time event, TAAPE has successfully made a splash in the global amusement & attraction industry! 500+ Products & Solutions Displayed! Children’s Indoor/Outdoor Play Structures, Arcade Games, Amusement Rides, Water Parks Equipment, Attractions and Amusement Parks Design, VR&AR Games, Attraction Management Solutions, Vending Machines, Toys, and etc. 23 Exhibiting Countries & Regions! Thailand, USA, UK, Canada, France, Korea, Japan, Spain, Turkey, India, Germany, Belgum, Russia, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan(China), Hong Kong(China), Mainland China. Gathering Global Big Name Exhibitors! Polgün, ARIHANT, Synergy, SODIKART, Embed, Industrial Frigo, Sacoa Playcard System, C.N.W. Corporation, Xtraice, IREC Corporation, Scruffy Dog, Mascot Enterprise, MacroMos Air Start, Pyramid Technologies, LPMB Co., Ltd, Fuji Electric, KYTRONICS, Rokacci FEC Equipment, Wangming, Dalang... ... Water Parks Whitewater West Leading the industry for 39 years and building a staff of over 650 professionals. Polin Since 1976, Polin has completed over 3000 waterpark projects in 103 countries worldwide. Amusement Rides Zamperla One of the world’s most creative builders of amusement rides since 1966. Vekoma A world-leading roller coaster maker with over 349 roller coasters installed worldwide. Management & Payment Systems Semnox A world-renowned expert in holistic IT solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry. Intercard A recognized world leader in debit card technology with 40 years of experience. VR/AR Games Hologate With more than 300 locations worldwide, it is the market leader of VR multiplayer systems. Zone Laser Tag Zone Laser Tag is the world's largest designer and manufacturer of laser tag systems. Attraction Design KCC Entertainment One of the industry’s foremost creators of exceptional themed environments. Arcade Games HAHAMA Currently one of the biggest Thai arcade operators and the agent of over 20 arcade game brands. Access to the Flourishing ASEAN Market! Visitors’ Origins 74% ASEAN Countries 18% South Asia 5% East Asia 3% Other Visitors’ Natures of Business 26% Agent/Dealer/Distributors/Importer/Exporter 25% Attractions/Theme Parks/Water Parks/FECs/State Parks/Malls 19% Play Ground Renting/Hotel/Resort/Themed Entertainment 16% Real Estate Development/Attraction Investment 14% Other VIP Matchmaking Meeting Over 20 meeting sessions were arranged for our handpicked buyers and suppliers. Most of the buyers were operators and investors of arcades, water parks, amusement parks, FECs, indoor playgrounds and etc, with ongoing big projects. For its facilitating business cooperation and partnerships, the event has been one of the most popular programs among show attendees. Partial Buyers Ramayana Water Park Darlsco Autorennen Motorsports Om Arts Pvt. Ltd. Jerudong Park Country Club Sole Trader Tip-Top Inflatable NewLuxe International Inc. ... ... Partial Suppliers WhiteWater West Polgun Amtech Exim Haiber Playground Zhuoerde Playground JiangFu Amusement Lvzhi Amusement Chuangyong Sports ... ... Catch Your Opportunity at the Next Event! As an economic, financial, and transportation hub of Southeast Asia, and an important link in the Belt & Road, Thailand is where you begin your venture in this regional market. For more business opportunities, please don’t hesitate to join us in 2020! Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
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    Feb 12,2020
    The current Security Market The Korean Security Market reached 3.74 billion won in 2019, which is a 2.3% rise compared to 2018. The 52-hour workweek system along with other new systems will enliven the security industry, where a 5.2% rise is foreseen. The estimated market size for 2020 is 3.95 billion won. MOLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) plans to expand the Smart City Software Platform by 2022 MOLIT plans to build Smart City platforms in 108 local governments. 22 platforms were built in the year 2018, 27 were completed in 2019, and over 30 Smart City platforms are to be constructed this year. Smart Factories and Security Along with 10 leading industrial complexes, 30,000 Smart Factories are to be built by 2022. In addition, 100,000 professional personnel are to receive specific training before starting their work at the many Smart Factories. The government was able to support 7,903 Smart Factories up until 2019 and plans to invest an additional 300 billion won in order to build 4,400 more factories. 6,000 Smart factories are planned to be constructed this year and 6,200 more in 2022. 2020- THE 7 CYBERSECURITY KEYWORDS To mark the start of a new year, the security industry has set its goal. According to the ‘2020 Security Threat’, security organizations and domestic security specialized companies have selected 7 cyber security keywords for the year 2020. Keyword 1- Artificial Intelligence Careful observations on malware features, abnormal acts, characteristics of its attackers, and machine learning based AI algorithms enable the defenders to deal with cyber threats. However, such observations also give the attackers a chance to invent new attack methods. Defenders must always stay alert since the risk of inputting false data and many other unsolved errors are relatively high in AI. Even though most security solutions are built and driven on human logic-based detection engines, keeping the latest technology manually up to date is impossible. To solve this problem, AI is useful for detecting threats, accelerating its responding speed, and blocking out the attack before its proliferation. However, as cyber criminals continue using the same technology, stronger malware is being developed. Keyword 2- Ransomware The new method of ransomware attack now aims at specific targets, where companies, communities, and public institutions are at risk. Companies with strong financial powers are most likely to be their targets as the attackers will be rewarded huge sums of money for their success. Those providing Infra and Database storage, local government and healthcare organizations, are listed as main targets. Keyword 3- Supply Chain Attack Supply Chain attacks will continue to infiltrate into the supply chain through third party systems and services. Therefore, due to its weak security systems, those purchasing third party vendor products and services, must take extra caution. Keyword 4- Cloud The interest in Cloud Security is on the rise. However, it is pointed out that Cloud computing’s largest vulnerability is the operator’s configuration error. More complex and flexible Cloud systems will eventually lead to a greater number of errors and reveal itself as a target for many cyber attackers. Keyword 5- Malicious emails Receiving emails containing malware is not a new thing anymore. The Financial Security Institute warns us how malware email attacks are becoming more cunning and harder to block. Spear Phishing, a traditional method of attack which uses HWP and DOC documents, will not stop this year. Keyword 6- Internet of Things (IoT) IoT devices are now being more commonly used and those using 5G network are as well. On the contrary, network weaknesses of the large scale multi vector 5G cyber-attacks are predicted to increase in large numbers. The main problem is that the network between IoT devices, its network, and Cloud is security-wise still unstable. This makes it harder to perceive clear visibility of the devices and requires complex security requirements. The existing regulations and the new ones must be integrated in order to protect the developing network of all industries and business fields. Keyword 7- Darkweb Darkweb is now well-known to the public. Certain programs which enable Korean Netizens to improve their networking skills, is eventually a shortcut for them to be involved in the distribution of illegal programs and cybercrime. Personal information and hacking tools traded on Darkweb are mostly misused. Examples of such are credential stuffing, spear phishing, and smishing. Darkweb is also a place where financial crimes are taking place, and it was for this reason why Darkweb was included as one of the 9 Cyber-security issues of 2020. SEOUL AS A SMART CITY The Smart City industry is predicted to reach 1.69 trillion dollars by 2021, where KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information) estimates the domestic Smart City market to reach 151 trillion won by then. In 2017, the South Korean government formed the Presidential Committee on the 4th Industrial Revolution and issued the Smart City propulsion strategies the following year. Seoul Metropolitan City (Seoul) is one of the most renowned Smart Cities in the world, where traffic and safety, environment, and many other services are being dealt with. The Main Prize for World Smart City Awards last year, which was held at the SCEWC (Smart City Expo World Congress) in Spain, was awarded to Seoul. With its high-speed communications network and wi-fi nationwide as well as the establishment of the world’s best e-Government systems, Seoul continues to rank number one for seven executive years at the ‘World’s Top 100 e-Government Cities’ assessment. Furthermore, Seoul was one of the top three at the world’s Smart City assessment run by Eden Strategy Institute in Singapore.
  • Bangkok, Thailand, August 2019 – SILMO Bangkok 2020, the ASEAN optical fair is pleased to announce that Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association (HKOMA), in collaboration with Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), will organize the first ever Hong Kong pavilion, consisting 30 exhibitors, under the "Hong Kong Eyewear Good Design" project, at SILMO Bangkok 2020. The event will be held from 10 to 12 June 2020, at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand. The Hong Kong eyewear industry is renowned for its pursuit of high quality, innovation and trending designs. Hong Kong is the world's third largest exporter of spectacles and frames.? Mrs. Grace Tai, President, HKOMA, stated, "HKOMA is pleased to collaborate with HKPC to organize the 'Hong Kong Eyewear Good Design' project. Only 30 Hong Kong exhibitors that fulfill the criteria are selected to join this project, which is aimed at promoting the very best of Hong Kong eyewear designs, to the emerging markets under the 'One belt, One road' initiative." She added", One such emerging market is ASEAN. This is an economically vibrant region with growing affluent middle class populations. SILMO Bangkok has established itself as ASEAN's business platform for the optical and eyewear industry, and acts as the bridge that connects the local and international optical market. This is why we feel that this is the ideal platform for Hong Kong companies to explore new market opportunities in the ASEAN market.” Ms. Grace Cho. also mentioned that with the increasing numbers of urban households having sufficient income to spend on discretionary services, consumers are now attaching greater importance on eye care by buying higher quality glasses. Consumers are paying greater attention to glasses' aesthetic qualities in additional to its practical functions. The trend of purchasing bespoke and branded spectacles is increasingly evident as consumers seek greater comfort and individually designed styles to meet their different needs. According to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council's ASEAN Middle-income Consumer Survey, ASEAN's middle-class consumers are inclined to allocate a substantial amount of discretionary spending on fashion. Fashion is currently ranked third in spending after travel, health and beauty. More than half of the respondents in ASEAN indicated that they will continue to spend more on fashion items in the next two years. SILMO Bangkok 2020, into its third edition under the theme "Business Meets Fashion", has cemented its position as the gateway to ASEAN's optical industry and market. SILMO Bangkok is the key industry platform and gathering place for industry professionals to learn, network and showcase their latest products, technologies and solutions. More than 250 eyewear brands; optical lenses; optometric instruments; equipment and machinery; optical equipment; as well as optical retail technology and solutions will be featured during the 3-day exhibition. In addition to the trade exhibition showcase, SILMO Bangkok 2020 will bring together industry players and professionals from Thailand and ASEAN+6 and beyond, to attend a whole host of exciting activities, including: SILMO FASHION SHOW - Eyewear collections from global companies and brands will be unveiled at the SILMO Bangkok 2020 Fashion Show; BUSINESS MATCHING - An opportunity for exhibitors to meet key buyers and targeted audience to generate new sales leads, expand their business network and to build their brand presence to reach the Asian market; SILMO ARENA - A learning hub for marketing and sales strategies tailored for optical retailers; SILMO ACADEMY - A knowledge platform featuring experts from the optical industry to share their expertise and insights; SILMO BANGKOK EYEWEAR DESIGN CONTEST - Up-and-coming designers take center stage, to inspire with their most fashion forward creations; INNOVATIVE EYEWEAR & EYECARE TECHNOLOGY - Explore the next generation optical technology in eyewear and eyecare industry and discover new innovative optometric devices and machinery; and DESIGNER'S VILLAGE – A gathering of the best designs and start-ups for the business – from eyewear to shop fittings, sound to illumination, and everything else to elevate your customers’ retail experience. Mr. Loy Joon How, General Manager, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., the organizer of SILMO Bangkok, said "We are very pleased to welcome the participation of Hong Kong in SILMO Bangkok 2020. This reflects the growing importance of SILMO Bangkok as the regional industry platform and gathering place. Hong Kong participation will also be joined by other international groups and individual participation from over 14 countries including China, France, Korea, Italy, Taiwan and many more."? ABOUT THE ORGANIZER: Founded in 1967, the Silmo Paris exhibition is owned by the Silmo Association, which is a trade association that brings together French optics and eyewear manufacturers. Silmo Association has since established a long lasting partnership with Comexposium, a world leader in event organizing, with a total of 114 public and trade exhibition platforms covering 17 business sectors. Together with IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, we present to you SILMO Bangkok - The ASEAN Optical Fair – where business meet fashion. IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. ("IMPACT") is the leading exhibition organizer in Thailand. Offering a full range of services for domestic and international exhibitions, conferences, meetings and special events, IMPACT has earned a well-deserved reputation as a highly professional and reliable show manager/organizer amongst the public and private sectors. Through face-to-face and digital channels, and working hand-in-hand with international trade associations, organizers and corporations across a broad spectrum of industries, IMPACT creates environments to help you build a network of professional contacts in the course of one event.
  • PCIM Asia Conference 2020 – part of the PCIM Asia fair held from 1 to 3 July – is calling for submission of papers. With a number of industry experts having already confirmed their participation in this must-attend event in the industry, the conference continues to welcome authorities and academia to submit their abstracts on the latest trends and applications in the power electronics field by 31 December 2019. Opportunities for speakers to be involved in the conference are also still open. PCIM Asia is an international exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion technology, renewable energy and energy management. The fair, to be held from 1 – 3 July 2020 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center, is jointly organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd and the Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Corp, with Mesago PCIM GmbH as a partner. The show will showcase the latest offerings in the power electronics industry, covering a comprehensive selection of power electronics solutions and associated semiconductors, power devices, bus bars, capacitors and more. Known as one of the most important and prominent conferences for power electronics in Asia, the PCIM Asia Conference is where industry associates gather to discuss the technological advancement and future development of the power electronics industry. The conference provides a unique platform for power electronics specialists to present their latest discoveries in front of nearly 500 industry players. E-Mobility and Infrastructure will be the key topic of the PCIM Asia Conference this year, which will focus on the technological breakthrough and upcoming trends of e-mobility. Other highlighted topics this year include: Environmental Friendly and Renewable Energy Technologies Advanced Power Semiconductors Passive Components and Integration AC / DC Converters DC / DC Converters Digital Power Conversion Motor Drive & Motion Control High Frequency Power Electronic Converters and Inverters Automotive Power Electronics System Reliability Power Quality Solutions Smart Grid Power Electronics Power Electronics in Transmission Systems All the papers accepted will be included in the official PCIM Asia Conference proceedings, as well as the widely recognised libraries of IEEE Xplore and IET Inspec Direct. Conference contributions will also be considered for oral presentations or posters. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the PCIM Asia 2020 Advisory Board and Technical Committee. As in the past, The Best Paper Award and The Young Engineer Award will be granted to the winners from submissions that highlight technologies, market trends and government policies within the power electronics industry. The organisers will present these awards in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by those in the industry, and the winners will be honoured during the event with a prize money of RMB 8,000 each. The conference has always attracted an impressive line-up of professional attendees. Some of the participants in 2019 included ABB, Danfoss, Delta, DTU, EPFL, Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences, JJE, Macdermid Alpha, Osaka Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, University of Nottingham Ningbo, Zhejiang University and many others. It is expected that industry experts from these leading enterprises and academic institutions will return once again to share their insights as well as experiences on various topics.
  • PCIM Asia is regarded as one of the most renowned and popular power electronics exhibitions in China, which is especially well-known for its in-depth analysis of various applications. The show will return to Shanghai in July 2020, once again providing industry players a leading business and conference platform to learn more about the most recent developments and future trends of the power electronics industry. PCIM Asia was a huge success last year in terms of visitor entry, with a record-breaking visitor figure of 6,358. In light of this, around 70% of the exhibitors are keen to return to PCIM Asia this year. Many of the leading brands have already confirmed their participation. These include CRRC, LEM, MacDermid Alpha, Power Integrations, ROHM, Silan, Toshiba and more. Looking forward to the 2020 show, Ms Yang Hongya of CRRC expressed: “PCIM Asia is one of the most professional power electronics and semiconductor annual events in China. We are grateful that it converges relevant industry personnel for high-level conversations, providing us with first-hand information on market developments.” Ms Annie Tang of Power Integrations also commented: “PCIM Asia's professionalism is among the best in the power electronics industry. Buyers are of high quality here, and most of the companies that come here are well-known in the industry.” In addition, Fuji Electric (China), Infineon Technologies China, Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics (Shanghai) and SEMIKRON Electronics (Zhuhai) will be the fair sponsors again, contributing to the development of the power electronics industry in China. PCIM Asia Conference 2020 Call for Papers registration begins Concurrent with the exhibition is the PCIM Asia Conference, one of the most important and influential conferences for power electronics in Asia, will also make its return in 2020. As in the past, the conference aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and explore emerging best practices among the global community. This year, ‘E-Mobility and Infrastructure’ will be the highlight of the conference. There will also be a brand new topic about ‘System Reliability’, which offers a wider range of options for professionals to select the topics of their papers. The Call for Papers for PCIM Asia Conference 2020 is now open until 31 December 2019. Power Electronics Applied in Energy Storage Seminar offers the latest market intelligence in energy management With less than a year to go before the fair, the PCIM Asia Power Electronics Applied in Energy Storage Seminar was held at the Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel on 18 October to mark the official start of PCIM Asia 2020. Over 150 attendees participated in the summit. The seminar was supported by a number of prominent companies and industry associations in China. They include Shanghai Jiaotong University, Sungrow Power, SEMIKRON, Sinexcel, Infineon, Mitsubishi Electric, Danfoss, Wolong Electric, Dongguan Lithium Battery Industry Association and South China University of Technology School of Electric Power Engineering. The application of power electronics in energy storage was the main theme of the seminar, which focused on both charging and power storage management for electric vehicles, and energy storage systems in smart grids for renewable energy like wind and solar power. Numerous industry experts shared their insights on actual applications in their respective fields. Furthermore, the PCIM Asia Power Electronics Applied in Control Systems of Electric Drive Forum, another pre-show event will also be held in Guangzhou next February. The forum will focus on the new and upcoming developments of power electronics in the application of electric drive. More details will be announced later. PCIM Asia is jointly organised by Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Corp, Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd and Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH. The fair will take place from 1 – 3 July 2020 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre to showcase the latest offerings in the power electronics industry.
  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic China recently announced that 5G commercial use has officially started! The development of 5G has promoted the upgrading of facilities and the number and cost of base stations are more than double of 4G. It takes about 7 years to build 6 million 5G base stations in China, with a total cost of 1.2 trillion to 1.5 trillion RMB. At the same time, 5G terminals will come to the market massively. "China 5G Economic Report 2020" shows that in 2020, 5G commercial use will drive 900 billion RMB in investment in China and it will reach 1.5 trillion RMB in 2025. According to the report, the five industries of mobile terminal, automobile industry, industrial Internet, medical health, and pan-entertainment will take the lead to benefit from 5G. The demand for 5G base stations and filters has driven the die casting suppliers. The difficulty of filter design and the increase of filter quantity are inevitable trend, and its corresponding value and sales will multiply. Facing such a huge market, how should die-casting companies cope with the present and future of 5G? The new requirements from 3C and 5G telecom industry, new applications of structural parts, new energy vehicles, building templates keep stimulating the development of die casting technologies, semi-solid casting, squeeze casting and other new processes. Digitization, automation, and intelligence are also positively and profoundly motivating the industry with challenges and opportunities. With the upgrading of smart workshops and e-information applications, the intelligent manufacturing has become a new method for enterprises to improve the management, as well as for full transformation and emerging markets exploration. With the theme of "Digital Application and Intelligent Development of High Efficient Die Casting Manufacturing ", China DIECASTING 2020 and CHINA NONFERROUS 2020 will once again showcase the solutions of whole die casting industry chain and lead the development trend of the industry into the future.
  • A strong and clear announcement regarding artificial intelligence (AI) was made by president Moon Jae-in during the DEVIEW 2019 Conference held at COEX Convention Centre (Seoul). By proposing a new ‘artificial intelligence national strategy’ this year, the president’s government is striving to take lead in the global AI sector. In addition, as a response to the fourth industrial revolution, Moon’s administration has already assigned 1.7 trillion won (US$1.4 billion) for the coming year’s data, network, and AI sectors. This ambitious investment is clearly the president’s efforts to make South Korea the powerhouse of AI. The demand for security convergence is on the rise as 4th Industrial Revolution factors such as Smart Factories, Smart Cities, and 5G commercialization urges communities to form a more connected society. This concept of a more connected society also applies to physical and cyber security, which makes the boundary between those two even harder to define. The South Korean government is planning to create the world’s first ‘5G Plus Strategy’, which introduces and develops the ten essential strategies as well as the demonstration of the five main services of the 5G technology. This shows the government’s strong will in obtaining global competitiveness through this advanced technology. The development of AI, Deep-learning technology, Big Data, IoT, and ICT all contribute to the convergence of physical and cyber security, where AI and Intelligent surveillance are the main sectors. Intelligent surveillance systems made its appearance in 2010, using movement and rule-set based pattern analysis. However, the system’s reliability was often very low with false positives. The video analysis error rate reached up to 28.2%, in which the system was incapable of adapting to various environmental changes. Despite its shortcomings, the system is now improving rapidly as deep-learning technologies continue to evolve. A good example of this is the face recognition system, which is now almost as accurate as the human eye, at the accuracy rate of 95%. However, as the hyperconnected society draws near, their defence system against cyber attacks is also being enhanced. Starting off with the commercialization of 5G technology, concrete actions are being taken in order to form a new security infrastructure. Oh Yong-soo, Director of Cyber Security Policy Bureau, at the Ministry of Science and ICT, points out that “Cyber attacks are threatening the real world, in which information, communication, and network-based attacks are paralyzing systems, extorting personal information, and reaching the stage where even wrecking the economy is possible”. Furthermore, cyber security threats are now being expanded into a new 5G technology-based industry, causing harm to one’s life and safety, as well as the economy at large. Korea takes the lead in the world’s security convergence trend, enhancing the security of the converging industry The Korean government had laid the groundwork for the converging industry’s security enhancement as well. Along with security guidelines developed for each field of the converging industries, a master plan for a continuous security enhancement, IoT, and converging industries was also carried out. Furthermore, a test-bed for IoT, IoT product security test and its certifications are also being provided. In particular, the government decided to provide development opportunities for the five main areas Smart Factory Autonomous Vehicle Smart City Digital Healthcare Immersive Content. Smart City- Both ‘Hacking’ and ‘Security’ must be considered A CCTV’s surveillance has become a very important resource in the 4th Industrial Revolution, where a CCTV Integrated Control Centre can be referred to as the ‘library’ of all relevant data. Video data analysis and reprocessing can both be used to provide services to Smart Factories and Smart Cities. As many are already aware, CCTV surveillance data has become an indispensable factor for constructing Smart Cities. However, not can CCTVs solely be used for surveillance, but by applying ICT, the entire city can stay connected- traffic, facility information, security-disaster monitoring and prevention can all be managed by one integrated management system. However, this integrated management system is currently not yet completed as it is in the process of searching for the common boundary between the market’s demand and technical competence. The concept of physical and cyber security intelligent surveillance The concept of physical and cyber security intelligent surveillance are both similar in a way that they react to threats by using big data analysis in real-time. In physical security, it is defined as categorising atypical and typical data or collecting the status metadata and IoT data in order to generate an outcome through deep learning. Intelligent surveillance in cyber security refers to the collection of data from each information security system and perceiving threats, through correlation analysis of various events and improving its responsiveness. An intelligent surveillance increases the control efficiency of both physical and cyber security, which assists the controller to fulfil his tasks. Although physical and cyber security are currently divided into two separate systems, experiencing both from the same platform might be possible in a hyper connected society. ‘Selective surveillance’- A downsized but advanced intelligent surveillance system Amongst various attempts, the one which catches the eye is the ‘Selecting surveillance’- the subcategory of the intelligent surveillance system. Since the number of CCTVs being installed in local governments is on the rise and it is becoming more difficult for the controllers to control the countless number of events, it is crucial to introduce an AI based solution in order to reduce the loss of life and property as well as to provide a more reliable security service. In a Smart City, its ICT based network is formed throughout the entire area. To construct the city’s safety net, the effective control and quick response between all CCTVs and their smartification are crucial. As a result, the country’s CCTV Integrated Control Centre is becoming a place for AI based ‘Selective surveillance’, in which the integration of AI face recognition in surveillance is found. The video surveillance sector, which is the core of the 4th Industrial Revolution, aims to provide intelligent video security sensor service by merging with biometric identity solutions. The service plans to target single person households and the aging population, substantialising a welfare centred safe and secure society, with crime and disaster prevention and swift responsiveness. Furthermore, the unification of smart homes, building management and, financial services may result in a new profitable industry. Depending on the importance of video surveillance systems, video security and cyber security may also be integrated.
  • The grand opening ceremony of "Asia-Pacific Metal Industry Exhibition – METAL AP 2019", organized by China Foundry Productivity Promotion Center, Industrial Furnace Institution of CMES and Metallurgical Council of CCPIT, and managed by Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES), was held in Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC), Thailand, at 10: 00 am on Dec 12, 2019 (Thai local time) METAL AP is an international service platform tailored for the development of basic metal manufacturing industry in Southeast Asia and even the whole Pan-Pacific, initiated by China with a joint action of organizations related to foundry and metal manufacturing industry from Europe, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan China, etc. It is also the first overseas foundry industry service platform initiated by China. Relying on the resources of the organizer and its partners, it is committed to providing integrated services of exhibitions, trade cooperation and technical exchanges for enterprises in die-casting, casting, machine manufacturing, metallurgy and other related industries. Since METAL AP officially settled down in Bangkok Thailand in 2018, it has been recognized and supported extensively by the industry. METAL AP 2019 attracts more than 70 brands and exhibitors from Thailand, China, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Malaysia, the United States, India, Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, etc. Onsite events include "Dialogue to Europe: EUROGUSS AP Technical & Development Conference", "Thailand's Foundry Talking", "Auto Parts Castings and High Speed Rail Castings", etc. Being close to the industry and focusing directly on hot market topics, those onsite activities have raised widely attention from the industry. Meanwhile, "CHINA DIECASTING Pavilion" and "Casting Artwork Pavilion" will show themselves perfectly as expected. Grand Opening Ceremony The grand opening ceremony of METAL AP 2019 was hold at 10: 00 am on Dec 12, 2019. Guests attending the opening ceremony were: Mr. Tangji, General Manager of Shenyang Research Institute of Foundry (SRIF) Co., Ltd.; Mr. Yi Guang, President of Industrial Furnace Institution of CMES; Ms. Kanokporn Damrongkul, Exhibition Director of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau; Mr. Rungkamchorn Wannasai, Vice-president of Thai Foundry Association; Mr. Takakazu Uejima, President of Keikinzoku Tsushin Al Co., Ltd; Mr. Christopher Boss, International Product Manager Die Casting of NürnbergMesse GmbH; Mr. Zhang Xiaoyan, Secretary General of Ningbo Die & Mould Industry Association; Dr. Mike Luu, Director of International Cooperation of Vietnam Foundry Association; Mr. Marius Mehner, Deputy Executive Director of GTCC German-Thai Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Tangji, General Manager of Shenyang Research Institute of Foundry (SRIF) Co., Ltd. Gave welcome speech on behalf of organizers, co-organizers, supporters and all partners of METAL AP 2019. He delivered sincere thanks and warm welcome to all exhibitors, industry peers and representatives, and expressed his firm support and confidence in the development of Southeast Asia market. Mr. Rungkamchorn Wannasai, Vice-president of Thai Foundry Association and Ms. Kanokporn Damrongkul, Exhibition Director of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau also gave speeches respectively to show their affirmation and support to METAL AP. They expressed their confidence in the future development of METAL AP and sincere expectation on win-win cooperation. Service based on actual market demands Exhibitors of METAL AP 2019 are more typical and representative compared with the one who entered this market last year for the first time. By displaying technologies, materials, equipment and products urgently needed by Southeast Asian markets in metallurgy, foundry, die casting, mold, machining, automation and the other related fields in a concentrated way, exhibitors from 12 countries and areas including Thailand, China, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Malaysia, the United States, India, Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, etc. Of METAL AP 2019 are welcomed extensively by local industries. Get to know advanced technology at "Dialogue to Europe" NürnbergMesse GmbH, co-organizer of METAL AP successfully held “Dialogue to Europe: EUROGUSS AP Technical & Development Conference”, one of onsite events. Experts of European industry were invited to discuss technology and market development trend of Asia Pacific die-casting industry. Related industrial policies implemented in local markets were also explained at the conference. The event brought advanced European manufacturing technology to Southeast Asia and was warmly welcomed by audience. Auto & HSR seminars for localization Thailand grows faster in metal manufacturing and processing industry than other Southeast Asian countries with the best foundation. Thailand is also the largest automobile manufacturer in Southeast Asia. At the same time, the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, especially progress of cooperation between China and Thailand on high-speed rail projects, has speed up the development of metal manufacturing industry in Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia. “Auto Parts Castings and High Speed Rail Castings Tech Seminar” held by the organizer focuses on various topics of metal mold manufacturing, die casting, high-quality development and technological progress of the foundry industry, aiming at providing practical solutions for the industry. Amazing Chinese casting artworks Thailand's unique humanistic culture is a beautiful scenery to the rest of the world, and it has a long-term historical relationship with Chinese traditional culture. Chinese art casting enterprises have been providing diversified cultural and religious goods and services to Thailand and even the whole Southeast Asia market for a long time. Now famous Chinese casting artwork makers have gathered here to present their exquisite products at “Casting Artwork Pavilion”, including Incense Burner, Deer of Peace, Statues of Guan Yu etc., attracting a large number of visitors to do constant and warm discussion with exhibitors. Trade visitors gathered for business-searching With the elaborate preparation of organizer for more than one year in an joint effort from global partners, METAL AP 2019 on the basis of its first debut last year has once again built an efficient platform for technology and business exchange of metal manufacturing in Thailand or even the entire Southeast Asian. On the first day of the exhibition, trade visitors from automobile, rail transit, electronics, communication, hardware for construction, machinery manufacturing and other industry related to metalworking in Southeast Asia were attracted here.
  • SPS – Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou (SIAF Guangzhou) will return for its 11th edition from 26 – 28 February 2020 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou.Earlier this year in March the fair commemorated its 10th edition with record-breaking exhibitor and visitor figures.The annual fair establishes itself year after year as the ideal place to make valuable connections and find new opportunities in the market. As a sister event of the world-renowned SPS Smart Production Solutions in Nuremburg, Germany, SIAF is the premier hub for intelligent automation solutions in South China.The fair will once again be held concurrently with Asiamold – Guangzhou International Mould & Die Exhibition to provide a one-stop sourcing platform for industrial automation and the mould, die casting and additive manufacturing markets in South China.The two fairs hosted earlier this year welcomed 988 exhibitors from 20 countries and 98, 776 trade visitors from 45 counties and regions.The fair’s international profile welcomes solution providers from all around the world, while its home presence in Guangzhou provides the opportunity to take advantage of China’s strong economy and manufacturing industry. A long-time exhibitor of SIAF, Cognex China, praised the continued effectiveness of the show at the 2019 edition.Mr Jim Liu, Senior District Sales Manager, remarked:“Year after year we meet clients looking for specific solutions, which reflects the quality of the fair’s buyers.Being able to directly meet with potential clients not only helps us understand their needs but also inspires us to continuously improve our products.” From small and medium-sized companies specialising in a particular technology to large businesses involved across various industry sectors, SIAF continues to be recognised as an ideal platform to discover new business opportunities. Entering an era of digital innovation, the development and application of the industrial internet is expected to revolutionise the manufacturing industry.Utilising high-speed 5G wireless transmission technology, it is set to unleash the full potential of future cyber-physical manufacturing systems by further enhancing production efficiency.To showcase this industry trend, SIAF will dedicate a new exhibition area to industrial internet, software and systems, allowing fairgoers to uncover the latest innovations available on the market. The latest automation products and solutions will be categorised in different halls to cater to fairgoers’ sourcing needs.Hall 2.1 will feature industrial robotic technologies and accessories.Halls 3.1 and 4.1 will house advanced control technologies, industrial connectors, drive systems and components, while sensors and applications of machine vision will be displayed in Hall 5.1. Concurrent event programme gathers industry leaders to offer key market insights Besides being a sourcing platform, SIAF offers a comprehensive platform for fairgoers to expand their knowledge and learn more about the latest industrial automation industry development trends.Satisfied with the concurrent topics last edition, Mr Yao Ke, R&D Director from the Guangzhou HKUST Fok Ying Tung Research Institute praised the unique insights at the concurrent programme:“Production line troubleshooting via software and industrial internet were two of the most important topics for manufactures covered at the fringe event.Apart from understanding the latest industry developments, the seminars also helped put me in touch with the right industry experts.” For the 2020 edition of the show, a designated concurrent event zone will be featured to increase the quality of the fair’s fringe programme.Below is a sneak peek of the highlighted topics that will be featured in the programme: Digitalisation of Manufacturing Forum ?Industrial Internet Drives Digital Transformation ?Smart Sensors are the Basis of Every Smart Solution ?Dialogue with Hidden Champions 2020 ?Internet Connectivity:The Fusion of 5G, AI and IoT – Energising Industrial Manufacturing ?IoT Platforms in Industry Smart Industry Solutions Summit ?Smart Factory for Automotive Engineering ?Solutions for Intralogistics and Warehouse ?Refine the Value Chain of Manufacturing ?Elements of the “Factory of the Future” SPS – Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou is jointly organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation, Guangzhou Overseas Trade Fairs Ltd and Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH.Associate sponsors are the Guangdong Association of Automation, the Guangzhou Association of Automation, the Guangzhou Instrument and Control Society and China Light Industry Machinery Association. Background information on Messe Frankfurt Messe Frankfurt is the world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organiser with its own exhibition grounds.With more than 2, 500 employees at 30 locations, the company generates annual sales of around €718 million.We have close ties with our industry sectors and serve our customers’ business interests efficiently within the framework of our Fairs & Events, Locations and Services business fields.One of the Group’s key USPs is its closely knit global sales network, which extends throughout the world.Our comprehensive range of services – both onsite and online – ensures that customers worldwide enjoy consistently high quality and flexibility when planning, organising and running their events.The wide range of services includes renting exhibition grounds, trade fair construction and marketing, personnel and food services.Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, the company is owned by the City of Frankfurt (60 percent) and the State of Hesse (40 percent).
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