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2021 IECIE e-Cig Expo is coming soon!

Date: Aug 17,2021
From: IECIE e-Cig Expo


On September 3-5, 2021, the 7th IECIE Shenzhen e-Cig Expo will be held in Hall 1/7/8/9 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). As one of the most influential e-cigarette exhibitions in the world, it covers solutions from the upstream supply chain to downstream finished equipment and has become a high-quality display and promotion platform for global e-cigarette product technologies and brands. The exhibition area is as big as 60, 000+ square meters, with 2, 500+ brands and 500+ exhibitors. It is expected to attract 80, 000+ visitors.

Virtual Expo
Given that the COVID-19 is still rampant globally, international travel may be not convenient, and it also requires 14 days quarantine when arrival to China, IECIE has launched an International e-Cig Virtual Expo for overseas buyers. It just requires registration the same as the onsite expo, then the digital access to the virtual expo will be sent to buyers’ email addresses.
The Virtual Expo will be open from July 30th to September 5th, meanwhile, buyers can view the newest products and technologies at the Virtual Expo and instantly communicate with the exhibitors.

About IECIE Shenzhen e-Cig Expo

IECIE Shenzhen e-Cig Expo started in 2015. It has been with the development of the e-cigarette industry for 7 years, in 2021, the IECIE Shenzhen station will gather 2, 500+ brands, the display range includes:
•    Chips, batteries, heating systems, flavors and fragrances, automation equipment, new material technology, supply chain services, and other upstream supply chains;
•    Open and closed pod systems, Mod kits, e-liquid, disposables pods, atomizers, OEM/ODM/brand, products, and consumption methods;
•    Testing and certification, logistics, media promotion, KOL, etc.
No matter from the perspective of scale or professionalism, IECIE Shenzhen e-Cig Expo has deeply influenced and led the development and advancement of the industry.


At present, the free registration channel for the 2021 IECIE Shenzhen station audience has been opened, and tens of thousands of professional audiences will come to visit! The IECIE 2020 Shenzhen station attracted 54, 809 visitors, covering 93 countries and regions, IECIE Shenzhen e-Cig Expo is expected to have 80, 000 live audiences, includes: Self-employed/physical stores; Agency/distribution; Import/export/trade/overseas procurement; Department stores/chain large retail; Manufacturers/brands/licensors; Investment/testing /Medical institutions; Enthusiasts/buyers/engineers; Media, etc.

3 themed pavilions

2021 IECIE Shenzhen e-Cig Expo has been sticking with the global e-cig market trend and the structural changes of the industry, launched three independent themed pavilions-“Supply Chain” and “Heat-not burn&Herbstick”. Audiences can comprehensively understand the e-cigarette supply chain and channels, as well as promote the steady optimization of the industrial structure.

As a professional exhibition in the industry with global influence, IECIE aims to help brands accurately reach consumer groups, enhance brand awareness, let the audience fully understand the products.
Many interactive activities and benefits are waiting for you!

IECIE official website:en.iecie.com

Registration for the International e-Cig Virtual Expo:


E-mail: vincent.li@informa.com