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Korea Security Briefing 5

Date: Jun 09,2020
From: SECON 2020

2. Access Control and Biometrics


SUPREMA managed to obtain a revenue of USD 58 million in 2019 ( ▲36.8%) and a business profit
of USD 20 million as well as a net income of USD 22 million. SUPREMA depicts how direct sales
activities of American and European branches have had a positive effect on the business and how
the business continues to grow through facial recognition products. In addition, its unique
fingerprint recognition technology BioSign, is now filtered into the mobile system, playing a key
role in boosting the company’s revenue. Despite the business profi t of USD 1 million and a net
income of USD 5 million of SUPREMA HQ, a holding company of SUPREMA, the company had to
face a revenue decline by 1.5% (USD 162,000).
UNION COMMUNITY obtained a total revenue of USD 33 million, with a business profit of USD 2.8
million and a net income of USD 3.3 million. T he total revenue has risen by 14.1%, the business
profit by 5.5%, and the net income by 12.7%. Biometric terminals and the installation of Seal Scan
in city banks are depicted as the main reasons for the company’s increase in sales.
UNION COMMUNITY targets 10% growth in 2020 as the product launch of multimodal facial
recognition terminals and a new series of fingerprint and iris recognition are on its way. Due to the
COVID 19 outbreak in the first half of 2020, the demand of untact biometrics authentication
terminals are evidently on the rise . T he same applie s to UNION COMMUNITY, in which the
importance on facial recognition terminals has increased by 12%. UBio X Pro2 ’ is the perfect
example. The product is equipped with a deep learning algorithm and recognizes faces at a
distance up to 3 meters, supporting cutting edge biometric techs aligned with liveness detection
and anti spoofing function.
According to the consolidated financial statement, COMMAX obtained a revenue of USD 116
million in 2019, sales declined by 1% year on year. On the other hand, COMMAX managed to obtain
a business profit of USD 5 million and a net income of USD 3 million. Th e consolidation of strategic
Information Classification: General
sales activities in the domestic and overseas market and Newsales activities in the domestic and overseas market and New--Growth business were the key Growth business were the key factors to its profit. factors to its profit.
3. Total Security Service
S 1 Corporation
Despite the USD 154 million business loss and a net income of USD 114 million, S 1 Corporation
managed to obtain a revenue of USD 1.7 billion in 2019 ( ▲6.1%). The manager of S 1 stated clearly
how System Security is showing steady increase in the level of customer retention. The increase of
external contracts and contract renewals play an essential role in the increased revenue. Although
the rise in labor costs resulted into business loss, impacts such as reduced corporate tax
contributed to the net income.
After a successful M&A with SK Telecom, ADT CAPS obtained a total revenue of USD 747 million in
2019 ( ▲18.9%) business profit by 29.1% (USD 105 million) and a net loss by 8.2% (USD 83 million).
ADT CAPS is mainly focusing on dispatch services enforcement, unmanned parking, home security,
as well as security convergence market entry. In order to overcome t he pandemic crisis, ADT CAPS
is providing government offices, schools, and companies with high performance thermal imaging
cameras. As the demand for untact services are on the rise, so is the pace of development for
untact access control services. Accordi ng to ADT CAPS, the year 2020 is marked by physical security,
5G network, drones, and AI convergence. The company strives to obtain a new ICT by designating
unmanned security, parking systems, and security convergence as the main target markets.
KT telec op
KT telecop obtained a total revenue of USD 268 million in 2019 ( ▲ 1.6%) a business profit of USD
3.8 million and a net loss of USD 3.8 million. On similar lines to ADT CAPS, KT telecop targets to
become the leading ICT security enterprise by expanding the security convergence of AI, 5G
network and new ICT. Migrating from hardware based to Cloud based security systems and
securing price competitiveness through innovative technology such as the Smart Video
Management System, are the main benefits which KT telecop are planning to provide in the near
A more accurate AI based Smart Management and dispatch services will be provided along with
Integrated Management Platform Anti Crime services, building management, and security
solutions in cooperation with KT Group’s capabilities. KT telecop will continue to consolidate
thermal imaging cameras and untact access control (facial and iris recognition) systems which
currently are more in demand.

4. Information Security

According to the 2019 market report, 20 information security enterprises listed under KOSDAQ
(Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) have shown positive results. Despite the
absence of major changes, the overall 2019 results were better than the 2018 results. According
to the Financial Supervisory Service and its Data Analysis, Retrieval and Transfer System (DART),
16 enterprises out of 20 have obtained higher revenue s in 2019.
The highest revenue achieved in 2019 goes to AhnLab (USD 132 million) with SECUI (USD 96 million)
in second place. IGLOOSECURITY (USD 60.7 million) and WINS (USD 60.9 million) also managed to
obtain positive results. 11 enterprises showed a rise in busines s profit, in which SECUVE managed
to double its business profit. The net income of 6 enterprises managed to increase, where
HANCOM WITH’s increase of net income was the most significant. The total revenue of all 20
enterprises equals to USD 714 million and USD 890 million by including SK Infosec’s revenue.