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The 4th China Autonomous Vehicle Summit 2020 Will be Held in Shanghai

Date: Sep 29,2020
From: The 4th China Autonomous Vehicle Summit 2020
With the rapid development of science and technology, autonomous driving has become a popular orientation of the research and development of global automobile industry. In China, conditions such as high consumer acceptance, good policy environment, fast technology landing and active capital market have bred the fertile soil for autonomous driving to take root. At present, in many of China’s cities, enterprises have successively carried out driving test of autonomous vehicles, which effectively promoted the rapid development of automatic driving in China. According to the prediction of Deloitte, China’s annual sales of new L4 autonomous vehicle will exceed 500, 000 by 2030, accounting for 24% of the world’s annual sales, and the corresponding L4 market size will reach 2.3 billion US dollars. China is most likely to become the world’s largest market of autonomous driving with the world-leading L4 technology and the latest related applications. 
The 4th China Autonomous Vehicle Summit 2020 will take root in China, under the theme of China’s path to autonomous driving in the era of AI, discuss the hot topics like commercialization and mass production of autonomous vehicle, across-domain from L2 toL4, sensor fusion and functional safety etc., provide a professional exchange platform for participants with an interpretation of the cutting edge technology, which aims at promoting the innovation and upgrade of the automobile industry and leading an era of new mobility in the future. 
This summit is a closed-door meeting which will take place both ONLINE and in-person. Join hands with 40+ industry experts to create an ideological feast for you through theme sharing, Q&A and group discussion. Participants will get market intelligence, case sharing and enterprise solutions from leading enterprises in the industry. This is not only a business training opportunity, but also serve as a platform for high-end people to help everyone seize the opportunity and negotiate and cooperate together. 
From ADAS to Autonomous Driving, Navigating the Industry Transformation in China
How Autonomous Driving Thrive in the Age of COVID-19 Pandemic
Rotating to the New--How Autonomous Vehicle Thrive in the AI Era
How to Bridge the Gap from L2 to L4 and Realize Mass Production of Autonomous Vehicle
Advanced Sensor Solution to Meet Highly Automated Driving Demand
Multi-sensor Fusion—the Trend of Future Autonomous Driving
Advanced Redundant Brake System to Meet Future Autonomous Driving Safety Target
The Road from Sensing to Decision-making- How to Enable Autonomous Driving Engineered for Safety and Affordability
How Chinese Domestic Auto Brand Embrace the Wave of Autonomous Driving and its Plan of Mass Production
Qualification of GNSS for Autonomous Driving
Summit time: Oct. 26-27, 2020
Venue: Shanghai, China
Organizer: ECV International
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Simultaneous interpretation device for 2-day conference
Brochure, recording materials
five-star buffet lunch coupons, tea breaks and all refreshments
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