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Newsletter for Linlet

Date: Mar 11,2021
From: Linlet

Networking through business events is a huge part of a company's growth and a gateway to getting new information and building long-term beneficial connections. For both in-person and online events it is crucial to be prepared and have reliable tools on hand.

What is Linlet?

Linlet - is a social business network that provides companies with essential solutions for live and virtual events, business growth and collaborations. The app can be used to interact with people and company materials, and stay in touch with the industry. It allows you to connect key company members to collaborate with potential partners and use team networking to grow your business.

Who is it for?

Every team member can use Linlet, focusing on features that benefit company goals such as:

Hybrid events - online shows compliment in-person events, providing additional space to exhibit and interact.

Interactive materials and 3D tech - vivid product and service presentations help explore companies and understand their capabilities.

Networking - newsfeeds and onsite chats directly from the contact’s business card make it easy to exchange information, while event live streams provide a platform for speakers to share experience and expertise.

Corporate contacts - you can invite team members to join a company and get digital business cards for you and them, while all exchanged leads are saved in business inventory.

Are there any business events on Linlet right now?

Linlet is currently beta testing new tools for event organisers to host materials for shows, which we aim to uplift and promote across the globe through search engines, socials and platform’s network, thereby attracting attendance.

How to join Linlet network?

For more information you can see :https://tradeshow.made-in-china.com/fairs/fairs-detail-pBtmVIlCqEHa/Glass+Expo+421.html