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The 3rd China Powertrain Electrification and Innovation Summit 2020 will be Held in Shanghai

Date: Sep 29,2020
From: The 3rd China Powertrain Electrification and Innovation Summit 2020
In recent years, xEV has raised a revolution in global automotive market. Due to the technology development and government fiscal subsidies, xEV’s sales increased rapidly. For example, in China, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) indicates for the first half year of 2019, NEV passenger cars sales is 0.56 million, the YoY growth rate is 58.7%. According to Polaris Market Research’s report, global electric powertrain market will to reach about USD 568.6 billion by 2026. The increasing sales amount, means there will be more business opportunities and strong competition, most of the leading companies in this industry have made a clear electrification plan to gain competitive advantages in advance. In this case, creative and cost effective powertrain system is very vital in the ‘electrification war’. 
The 3rd China Powertrain Electrification and Innovation Summit will gather about 350+ EV experts and senior executives, they will from world famous OEMs, Tier 1&2 components suppliers, software solution suppliers, automotive battery manufacturers, and etc. Discussed topics will refer to xEV powertrain system design, powertrain control system, solid battery technology and many advanced emerging powertrain technologies. With attending the event, you could have face to face communication with the excellent experts and senior executives in the industry. Moreover, this summit will bring you the current market information and future development trend; Help you seize the development opportunities in advance. 
This summit is a closed-door meeting which will take place both ONLINE and in-person. Join hands with 40+ industry experts to create an ideological feast for you through theme sharing, Q&A and group discussion. Participants will get market intelligence, case sharing and enterprise solutions from leading enterprises in the industry. This is not only a business training opportunity, but also serve as a platform for high-end people to help everyone seize the opportunity and negotiate and cooperate together. 
Powertrain Type & Developing Trend Analysis and Future Outlooking
Evaluation of Test and Assessment Specifications for Integrated Electric Drive System of Electric Vehicles
How to Optimize Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Architecture to Improve Energy Efficiency 
High Performance Integrated Electric Drive System (EDS) As Energy Conversion Center
DSM Solution for Electrification of Cars
Advanced E-Transmission Improve Energy Efficiency and Driving Performance
Innovative Battery Management System (BMS) Improves Energy Efficiency, and Creates Safety Driving Experience
DHT Technology for Energy Effective and Low Cost HEVs 
Panel Discussion: E-Powertrain Market Opportunities and Challenges Evaluation
Regenerative Braking System Improves Energy Efficacy for Extended Driving Range
48V – ICE Enabling Technology for Future Powertrains 
Commercial Vehicles Electrification Roadmap
E-Axle Speed Up Powertrain Electrification
Summit time: Oct. 22-23, 2020
Venue: Shanghai, China
Organizer: ECV International
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Brochure, recording materials
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