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The 2nd China New Energy Vehicle Thermal Management Innovation Summit 2020 will be Held in Shanghai

Date: Sep 29,2020
From: The 2nd China New Energy Vehicle Thermal Management Innovation Summit 2020
Thermal management system is an essential part to ensure normal operation of the vehicle and it has an important impact on safety, comfort and energy conservation of the complete vehicle. Compared with ICE vehicle, due to new requirement for battery and E-motor cooling, the thermal management of new energy vehicle is more complex and the value of single vehicle has also improved drastically. With rapid growth of new energy vehicle market, the market space for thermal management of new energy vehicle has expanded sharply. It is predicted that the scale of thermal management market for new energy vehicle in China will be up to 30 billion by 2025, with extremely broad development prospect. 
Themed with vehicle thermal management in the era of electrification, The 2nd China New Energy Vehicle Thermal Management Innovation Summit 2020 will combine with NEV thermal management development cases, deeply explore core technologies and future development trend of NEV thermal management, aiming at seeking the optimal thermal management solutions, creating safer and more comfortable new energy vehicle and promoting green and sustainable development of automotive industry. 
This summit is a closed-door meeting which will take place both ONLINE and in-person. Join hands with 40+ industry experts to create an ideological feast for you through theme sharing, Q&A and group discussion. Participants will get market intelligence, case sharing and enterprise solutions from leading enterprises in the industry. This is not only a business training opportunity, but also serve as a platform for high-end people to help everyone seize the opportunity and negotiate and cooperate together. 
Winning in the Future—OEMs’ Demand for Thermal Management System in the Era of Electrification
How Vehicle Thermal Management System Embrace the Wave of Electrification 
IGBT Thermal Management Analysis of NEV
Thermal Management Coupling Control for HEV
Highlight of Refrigerant Based Cooling System---Maintaining the Correct Battery Temperature Range While Achieving Energy Efficiency
New Generation Liquid-Cooled Constant Temperature System for Lithium-ion Battery
Virtual Approach for Thermal Management Designing and Analysis
One Size Fits All - MAHLE Modular Compact Thermal System (MCTS)
Smart Climate Control Technology Enables Comfortable and Optimal in-Cabin Experience
Heat Pump Based Air Conditioning System Paves the Path to EV Efficient Thermal Performance
Optimization and Development of Core Components in the New Refrigerant CO2 Heat Pump System (Including Batteries) for EV
Future Intelligent Cockpit with Advanced Thermal Management
Summit time: Oct. 29-30, 2020
Venue: Shanghai, China
Organizer: ECV International
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