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The 2nd China Vehicle Glazing Innovation Summit 2021 will be Held in Shanghai

Date: Dec 18,2020
From: The 2nd China Vehicle Glazing Innovation Summit 2021

The automotive glass was born mainly to resist wind and cold, and block rain and dust. With the upgrading of people's travel modes, vehicle glass is becoming more and more functional and smarter. Nowadays, automotive glass is closely related to vehicle’s safety, comfort, appearance, energy-saving and environmental protection, space utilization, interior design and other core user needs. At the same time, with the rising trend of large screens and the innovation of intelligent technology, especially the gradual maturity of autonomous driving technology, the futuristic value of automotive glazing has also greatly increased. Automotive glass is regarded as one of the best carrier in the next-generation car. It is also expected to become the central control center of smart surface technology. The growth rate of the global automotive glass market from 2019 to 2023 is predicted to reach 8%. It is estimated that by 2026, the valuation of automotive glass market revenue will exceed 11 billion U. S. Dollars. Automotive glass industry is full of development opportunities.

The 2nd China Automotive Glazing Innovation Summit in 2021 will will take place both ONLINE and in-person focus on four important glazing development directions, which are: Intelligent, functional, integrated, and lightweight. The conference will discuss deeply on the latest glazing technology, and share best application practices. We’ll build an industry-leading communication and cooperation platform for attendees. Hope the two-day conference can inject strong impetus into the vigorous development of the automotive glass industry. Hope international glazing experts can work together to provide car consumers with a more excellent and innovative driving experience, and shapes the new image of the car in the new mobility era.

Vision of Glazing Development Trends—How to Meet the New Demands of Future Automotive
Integrated Engineering of NEV Glazing Systems and Innovative Application Technologies
Application of 3D curved glass in automotive interior design and function enhancement
Panoramic Windshield: Wider Visibility, More Comfortable Driving Experience
Smart HUD Windshield—Sharp the Vehicle’s Performance of New Mobility
How Intelligent Technologies Empower Rearview Mirror Glass
How the Development of Smart Glazing Will Replace Traditional Automotive Components
The Design Trend of Automotive Glass Sunroof and the Latest Glazing Application

Glazing Innovation VP
GM/Chairman/Chief Representative
Materials Procurement Head
Exterior & Interior Design Director
Smart Glazing R&D Director
Vehicle Performance & Architect Chief Engineer
Glass Coating Solutions Chief Expert
Autonomous Driving VP
Materials Director
Design Director
Application Manager

Time: April 22-23, 2021
Venue: Shanghai, China
Organizer: ECV International

We will provide:
Simultaneous interpretation device for 2-day conference
Brochure, recording materials
five-star buffet lunch coupons, tea breaks and all refreshments

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